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2010 MAY–JUNE No. 374
June 15, 2010 [posted]

MLA 2010: NLM Online Users' Meeting: PowerPoint® Presentations

NLM Theater Presentations

NLM Online Users' Meeting: Questions and Answers

NLM Update PowerPoint Presentations

dotNLM Online Users' Meeting: PowerPoint Presentations

The NLM Online Users' Meeting, held at the Annual Meeting of the Medical Library Association in Washington, DC on May 24, 2010, was chaired by David Gillikin, Chief, Bibliographic Services Division, NLM. The meeting brought attendees up-to-date on some of the Library online systems as well as future plans. This year three PowerPoint presentations were given. David Gillikin, gave the Online Users' Meeting presentation; Loren Frant, Head, Health Information Products Unit, updated users on MedlinePlus® and Go Local [Presentation link was not available at the time of publication and will be added at a later date.]; and Maria Collins, Collection Access Section, presented on DOCLINE®.

MLA 2010: NLM Online Users' Meeting: PowerPoint® Presentations. NLM Tech Bull. 2010 May-Jun;(374):e16d.