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Table of Contents: 2015 MAY–JUNE No. 404

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MeSH Tree Structures No Longer Distributed in PDF

MeSH Tree Structures No Longer Distributed in PDF. NLM Tech Bull. 2015 May-Jun;(404):b14.

2015 June 12 [posted]
NLM will end distribution of the MeSH Tree Structures node representations in PDF format starting with the 2016 release edition. These PDF files (see the 2015 version PDF links) were intended as a transitional tool for users of the MeSH vocabulary when the printed publication of MeSH was discontinued in 2007. The transition period is fully completed. The availability of MeSH tree displays in the fully-open HTML format (see the 2015 version HTML links) and partial displays via the MeSH Browser and the MeSH Database adequately support most user needs. If you have questions, please contact the MeSH Section staff using the Contact the National Library of Medicine form.
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