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Table of Contents: 2015 MAY–JUNE No. 404

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NLM Releases Beta Phase of MeSH RDF

NLM Releases Beta Phase of MeSH RDF. NLM Tech Bull. 2015 May-Jun;(404):e12.

2015 June 19 [posted]

The National Library of Medicine is pleased to announce a second beta release of MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) RDF around June 19, 2015. The first beta release of MeSH RDF was published in November 2014 for selected institutions and organizations. Since that time, NLM Linked Data Infrastructure Working Group has been working with the selected institutions to test and evaluate MeSH RDF. Feedback from these and other interested parties have provided NLM with data on the potential use cases for MeSH RDF. This second beta release of MeSH RDF is designed to address some of our users’ needs and to improve the product. In addition to updating the MeSH RDF content to the 2015 version of MeSH, the new beta release includes a proof of concept for multi-lingual capability. Specific changes to the MeSH RDF schema, including changes to the URI structure, are documented in the release notes available at This second beta phase is now open to any interested parties and NLM is encouraging any potential users of MeSH RDF to test this new beta version and provide comments and feedback.

Goals of the Project

  • Provide authoritative MeSH RDF and ensure its maintenance and preservation
  • Develop an infrastructure for publishing NLM linked data
  • Increase our knowledge of how people and institutions use MeSH

Availability of MeSH RDF

MeSH RDF, including the original XML files used and the XSLT transformation, is available for bulk download at

Query the MeSH RDF SPARQL endpoint at //

Technical documentation along with sample SPARQL queries are available at

How do I learn more?

To learn more about the overall project check out our information page at //


Have questions or want to provide feedback? We would love to hear from you. Join us on GitHub at and tweet us using #NLMLD

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