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Table of Contents: 2016 MAY–JUNE No. 410

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Grant Funding Organizations New to MEDLINE and PubMed: ACL, EPA and Additional NASA Agencies

Tybaert S. Grant Funding Organizations New to MEDLINE and PubMed: ACL, EPA and Additional NASA Agencies. 2016 May-Jun;(410):e9.

2016 June 10 [posted]

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) is adding additional US Government agencies that will be participating in the NIH Manuscript Submission (NIHMS) system to meet their Public Access requirement. Both extramural and intramural authors from these agencies will be depositing manuscripts into PMC. The article’s funding indication will appear in PubMed citations in the Grant Number [gr] field.

New Agencies: ACL and EPA

Institute Acronym   Full Institute/Organization Name   To Search PubMed
ACL HHS  Administration for Community Living  acl hhs [gr]
Intramural ACL HHS  Administration for Community Living, Intramural  intramural acl hhs [gr]
EPA  Environmental Protection Agency  epa [gr]
Intramural EPA  Environmental Protection Agency, Intramural  intramural epa [gr]

Additional NASA Agencies

NASA began participating in the NIHMS in the fall of 2015, see the October 2015 announcement for more information.

NASA has now added the following specific agencies as granting organizations:

Institute Name  To Search PubMed
Aeronautics NASA aeronautics nasa [gr]
Ames Research Center NASA ames research center nasa [gr]
Armstrong Flight Research Center NASA armstrong flight research center nasa [gr]
Construction & Environmental Compliance and Restoration NASA "construction & environmental compliance restoration nasa" [gr]
Exploration Systems NASA exploration systems nasa [gr]
Glenn Research Center NASA glenn research center nasa [gr]
Goddard Space Flight Center NASA goddard space flight center nasa [gr]
Headquarters NASA headquarters nasa [gr]
Johnson Space Center NASA johnson space center nasa [gr]
Kennedy Space Center NASA kennedy space center nasa [gr]
Langley Research Center NASA langley research center nasa [gr]
Management Office at APL NASA management office at apl nasa [gr]
Management Office at JPL NASA management office at jpl nasa [gr]
Marshall Space Flight Center NASA marshall space flight center nasa [gr]
Safety, Security and Mission Services NASA safety, security and mission services nasa [gr]
Science Astrophysics NASA science astrophysics nasa [gr]
Science Earth Science System NASA science earth science system nasa [gr]
Science Heliophysics NASA science heliophysics nasa [gr]
Science JWST NASA science jwst nasa [gr]
Science Planetary Science NASA science planetary science nasa [gr]
Shared Services Center NASA shared services center nasa [gr]
Space Operations NASA space operations nasa [gr]
Space Technology NASA space technology nasa [gr]
Stennis Space Center NASA stennis space center nasa [gr]

To retrieve all NASA citations with granting information search: nasa [gr]

Please refer to the NLM Web resource page, Grant Number Information Found in the GR Field in MEDLINE/PubMed, for explanations for grant number and agency acronyms.

By Sara Tybaert
MEDLARS Management Section

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