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December 21, 2005 [posted]

Cataloging News - 2006


eSH® 2006 - Implications for LocatorPlus and the NLM Catalog

The National Library of Medicine® (NLM) adopted the 2006 MeSH vocabulary for cataloging and for records being created by collaborating data producers beginning on November 21, 2005.

Accordingly, MeSH subject headings in LocatorPlus were changed to reflect the 2006 MeSH vocabulary and appear in that form as of November 21, 2005. The NLM Catalog's translation tables have been updated to reflect 2006 MeSH.

MeSH Changes in NLM Bibliographic Records

In general, the Cataloging Section implemented the vocabulary changes in NLM bibliographic records for books, serials, and other materials, as they were applied for citations in MEDLINE. For highlights about 2006 MeSH, see the article What's New for 2006 MeSH®. NLM Tech Bull. 2005 Nov-Dec;(347):e8. and the article "Bird Flu" Terminology and Changes to Influenza A Viruses and Related Headings. NLM Tech Bull. 2005 Nov-Dec;(347):e10. discussing changes for the Influenza A virus and related headings.

Additional Database Changes in LocatorPlus

The simplification of NLM policy for subject strings necessitated a number of database changes as outlined below. For a full description of this new policy and information about the impact of these changes on NLM bibliographic record distribution, see the article Subject Headings in NLM MARC 21 Products. NLM Tech Bull. 2005 Sep-Oct;(346):e6. Other changes were made to data structure in order to conform to the latest edition of the MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data published by the Library of Congress.

Use of $9 in field 650 prior to Adoption of MeSH 2006
650 12 $a Preventive Medicine $9 a
650 12 $a Parenting
650 22 $a Child
650 22 $a Infant
659 _7 $a Instruction $2 mesh

Use of $9 in field 650 after Adoption of MeSH 2006
650 12 $a Preventive Medicine
650 12 $a Parenting
650 22 $a Child $9 n
650 22 $a Infant $9 n
655 _2 $a Instruction
Publication Types / Genres prior to Adoption of MeSH 2006
655 _ 7 $a Popular Works $2mesh
659 _ 7 $a Broadsides $2 mesh
659 _ 7 $a Oral Histories $2 aat

Publication Types /Genres after Adoption of MeSH 2006
655 _ 2 $a Broadsides
655 _ 2 $a Popular Works
655 _ 7 $a Oral Histories $2 aat

By Alice E. Jacobs
Cataloging Section
Marti Scheel
Cataloging Section

Jacobs, A., Scheel, M. Cataloging News - 2006. 2005 Nov-Dec; (347):e15.

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