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December 02, 2005 [posted]

PubMed® Notes for 2006

the following notes explain how PubMed or searching with PubMed may be affected by changes to MEDLINE or MeSH vocabulary for the 2006 system as described in the following articles:

MEDLINE®/PubMed® End-of-Year Activities. NLM Tech Bull. 2005 Sep-Oct;(346):e4.
MEDLINE® Data Changes - 2006. NLM Tech Bull. 2005 Nov-Dec;(347):e3.
What's New for 2006 MeSH®. NLM Tech Bull. 2005 Nov-Dec;(347):e8.

Searchers are advised to consider any stored strategies, e.g., My NCBI saved searches, URL links to PubMed, and RSS feeds, which may need to be revised.

Publication Types

MeSH Publication Types (PTs) have been incorporated into the MeSH hierarchy as the V Category. The position of a Publication Type in MeSH and its relationship to other Publication Types can be seen on the Full display format in the MeSH database.

Placement in the hierarchy means PTs have the explode capability in searches. To turn off the automatic explosion feature, use the search tag [pt:noexp], e.g., clinical trial [pt:noexp]. PubMed's enhanced Publication Type Mapping will continue to optimize searches when appropriate.

The Publication Type field is now included in a Text Word search, e.g., cases [tw] will retrieve all records with the Publication Type Legal Cases.

The Publication Types "Review of Reported Cases," "Review, Multicase," and "Review, Tutorial," along with their entry terms, have been deleted, but have resurfaced as entry terms to the broad PT Review. This means strategies that include the deleted terms will retrieve citations with the PT Review - which could result in increased or unexpected retrieval.

The MeSH Heading Aged

An NLM policy change effective with 2006 MEDLINE indexing means the MeSH heading "Aged, 80 and over" no longer requires the addition of the heading, "Aged" (65-79 years).

There will be no change in how PubMed's limits for age group and the corresponding My NCBI filters will function. PubMed will continue to offer:

Vitamins: New Pharmacological Action Term

The MeSH heading "Vitamins" is now a pharmacologic action heading and most of the specific vitamins previously indented under Vitamins in the MeSH hierarchy have been removed. (They are now found in MeSH categories corresponding with their chemical structure.) So the explode function for Vitamins is no longer valuable for retrieving all types of vitamins. To search the heading Vitamins plus all the headings for substances recognized as vitamins, use the pharmacological action search tag [pa], i.e., vitamins [pa]. Searching this term with the MeSH search tags [mh] or [majr] will retrieve only the term, Vitamins ORed with one remaining indented term, Vitamin B Complex. For more information about pharmacologic action searching, see Pharmacologic Action Headings: PubMed®. NLM Tech Bull. 2003 Jul-Aug;(333):e6..


Although intended to begin with the 2006 system, MeSH vocabulary has already been added to many OLDMEDLINE records and, therefore, may be retrieved by searches that limit to MeSH headings. All current MeSH headings added to OLDMEDLINE records have been added as Major MeSH headings whether or not the concept was actually a major point of the study. Searchers who would like to focus retrieval on recent publications are reminded to use PubMed's Limits or Filters for publication date. See the OLDMEDLINE description for more information.

Changes to Comment/Correction Notations

A new type of Comment/Correction notation has been added to MEDLINE citations to indicate when an article has been republished - possibly as an abridged version. Citations for the republication will display the note, Republished from - followed by citation information for the original publication which may or may not be in PubMed. The citation for the original publication - if in PubMed - will have the notation, Republished in followed by citation information. Whenever possible, there will be links between the related citations.

The addition of this new data required changes to the search values and the MEDLINE display field tags for two existing notes: Corrected and republished from and Corrected and republished in. See the chart below for Comment/Correction data and search values effective with the implementation of the 2006 system in mid-December, 2005.

Correction Type
Search as MEDLINE display
field tag
Comment in: hascommentin CIN
Comment on: hascommenton CON
Erratum in: haserratumin EIN
Erratum for: haserratumfor EFR
Corrected and republished in: hascorrectedrepublishedin CRI
Corrected and republished from: hascorrectedrepublishedfrom CRF
Retraction in: hasretractionin RIN
Retraction of: hasretractionof ROF
Update in: hasupdatein UIN
Update of: hasupdateof UOF
Summary for patients in: hassummaryforpatientsin SPIN
Original Report in: hasoriginalreportin ORI
Republished in: hasrepublishedin RPI
Republished from: hasrepublishedfrom RPF

Journal Titles

Journal titles will be included on the MEDLINE display with the field tag JT. These will be the full titles as established by NLM for its serials publications and displayed in the Journals database. The JT field is not searchable. Journal searching, including using the full title, remains the same. Searchers are reminded that titles can be displayed by using a mouseover on the title abbreviations on the Summary, Abstract, and Citation displays.


The ISSN field in the MEDLINE display (IS) will include either Print or Electronic after the number to indicate which version of the journal the ISSN represents.


On XML data only, <CitedMedium> will be added as a child element to <JournalIssue> and will contain a value of either Internet or Print to indicate whether a citation was processed by NLM using the Web or the print version of the journal.


On XML data only, <ISOAbbreviation> will contain the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Abbreviation which is an alternate journal title abbreviation used by other Entrez databases.

By Annette M. Nahin
MEDLARS Management Section

Nahin AM. PubMed® Notes for 2006. NLM Tech Bull. 2005 Nov-Dec;(347):e11.

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