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October 10, 2007 [posted]
February 27, 2008 [Editor's note added]

Citing Medicine on the NCBI Bookshelf

[Editor's note: As of February 7, 2008 PDF files for all chapters and appendixes are available in Citing Medicine.]

t he National Library of Medicine® (NLM) is pleased to announce the publication of Citing Medicine: the NLM Style Guide for Authors, Editors, and Publishers on the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) Bookshelf.

Easy-to-use instructions and hundreds of examples help authors, editors, publishers, librarians, and others to form bibliographic references. Citing Medicine provides guidance for citing twenty-six types of published and unpublished material, ranging from print books and journal articles to blogs and wikis.

Authors will find this a great resource for producing reference lists as they prepare articles and books for publication. Editors and librarians now have easy access to authoritative citation information, and publishers may discover useful guidelines to incorporate into their instructions for authors.

Citing Medicine builds on three major sources:

Citing Medicine updates and supersedes two previous NLM publications, National Library of Medicine Recommended Formats for Bibliographic Citation published in 1991 and its Internet Supplement published in 2001.

This new edition:

About the Bookshelf

By collaborating with authors and publishers the NCBI provides Web access to more than seventy-five biomedical books through the Bookshelf. Books can be browsed, searched by term or phrase.

By Lori Klein
Reference and Web Services Section
Dan Wendling
Reference and Web Services Section

Klein L, Wendling D. Citing Medicine on the Bookshelf. NLM Tech Bull. 2007 Sep-Oct; (358):e5.

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