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National Library of Medicine Technical BulletinNational Library of Medicine Technical Bulletin

Table of Contents: 2016 SEPTEMBER–OCTOBER No. 412

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Updated SNOMED CT to ICD-10-CM Map

Updated SNOMED CT to ICD-10-CM Map. NLM Tech Bull. 2016 Sep-Oct;(412):b8.

2016 October 13 [posted]

The National Library of Medicine is pleased to announce the release of an updated SNOMED CT to ICD-10-CM mapping file. The purpose of the SNOMED CT to ICD-10-CM map is to support semi-automated generation of ICD-10-CM codes from clinical data encoded in SNOMED CT for reimbursement and statistical purposes. This mapping file has been updated to remove the inactive concepts from the September 2016 US Edition of SNOMED CT. This update does not cover the changes in the 2017 version of ICD-10-CM, which will be available in the next release of the map. There are a total of 84,238 SNOMED CT concepts mapped in this release.

The release can be downloaded now as a standalone file with your UTS login. Please note: while the mapping file is also available through the US Edition of SNOMED CT, the current US Edition contains the May 2016 mapping file and does not yet contain the newly released September 2016 mapping file.

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