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25th Anniversary. 1989 Nov:1

1988 Changes. 1987 Oct:9

Access Via FTS2000. 1994 Nov-Dec:23

Broadcasts and NEWS. 1986 Nov:16

Brochure. 1986 Oct:enclosure

Calling the Service Desk. 1988 Sep:10

Cancel Access Code. 1986 Feb:4

Capabilities Update. 1989 Feb:11

Chemical & Toxicological Files PC Demo

Disk Available. 1987 Feb:8

Citation Maintenance System (MCMS). 1994 May-Jun:25

Clinical Trials Identification. 1995 Mar-Apr:18

DOCUSER File Available. 1988 Apr:8

ELHILL Files Up Round-The-Clock. 1985 Apr:7

Expanded Hours. 1984 Oct:8; 1985 Mar:5

FTS2000 Access. 1995 Jan-Feb:26

Genetics, Update. 1988 Mar:40

LOGIN/LOGOFF Procedures, Chart. 1985 Nov:6

Microcomputer Access. 1988 Aug:8

Mini-Manual Available. 1987 Mar:12

New Features For Dec 12, 1988. 1988 Oct:9

One Copy Down At 7:00 PM ET. 1985 May:3

Payments Should Be Sent To NTIS. 1988 Aug:4

Pricing Schedule, Domestic & Non-U.S.. 1993 Sept-Oct:Appendix L

Price Structure Revised. 1985 Oct:App

Processed 10,000 User ID Code. 1987 Jun:3

Purchase Orders To NTIS. 1985 Nov:4

R&R Workshop in Houston. 1993 Jul-Aug:4

Refresher & Review Schedule. 1994 Jul-Aug:Appendix E

Service Desk Hours Extended. 1986 Sep:3

Sevice Desk TDD Access. 1995 Nov-Dec:8

Service Desk Phone Mail Changes. 1994 Jan-Feb:22

Student Code Program. 1987 Sep:5

System Changes. 1985 Feb:8

System Down. 1983 Nov:3; 1984 Nov:3

System Greeting Changed. 1984 Oct:3

System Restart. 1985 Feb:3

Trademarked Databases. 1987 Jun:3

Update. 1988 Mar:1

Voice Mail System. 1993 Mar-Apr:5; 1993 May-Jun:15

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(May 1969 - March-April 1993)

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Beginning with the May-June 1996 issue of the NLM Technical Bulletin, information about indexed journal titles is no longer published in the Technical Bulletin.

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