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1989 Pricing Schedule. 1988 Oct:Enc

CHEMLINE/TOXLINE Increases. 1987 Jan:3; 1988 Jan:3

CHEMLINE/TOXLIT Rates Effective Jan 1 1996. 1995 Nov-Dec:3

CHEMLINE/TOXLIT Rates Effective Jan 1 1988. 1987 Dec:Attachment

Cost-Effective Searching. 1983 Aug:7

Dec 1988 Invoices Will Have 2 SDILINE Charges. 1988 Nov:3

Interest Charged on Overdue Accounts. 1987 Mar:1

MEDLARS Rates. 1987 Jun:1

Monthly Statement, New. 1983 Oct:9

NLM Portion. 1983 Jun:4

NTIS Charges. 1988 Dec:6

NTIS to Accept Credit Cards for Payment. 1987 Jan:11

Online Display vs Actual Invoice. 1984 Apr:4

Pricing Algorithm Chart. 1987 Jun:Appendix A; 1987 Sep:Appendix A

Cost-Effective Searching. 1983 Sep:7

Description. 1983 Jul:5

Effective Date. 1983 Sep:6

Price Changes Announced. 1982 Jul:5

Pricing Schedule Effective Jan 1 1987, Online & Tape Charges. 1987 Jan:Appendix A

Pricing Schedule Effective Oct 1987, Online & Tape Charges. 1987 Sep:Appendix A

Pricing Schedule Effective Jan 1995. 1995 Jan-Feb:Appendix A

Revised Jan 1, 1986. 1986 Apr:Appendix A

Revised Schedule. 1995 Nov-Dec:3

Sample Tape Will Cost $25.00. 1986 Oct:4

TOXLINE, CHEMLINE Increased for 1987. 1986 Dec:Attachment

TOXLINE/TOXLIT Rates, Effective Aug 1 1987. 1987 Jul:8

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