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Abstracts in MEDLINE/HEALTH. 1980 Oct:8

AIDS Request Form. 1989 Feb:73

AVLINE, ISSN and ISBN Numbers. 1982 Jan:3

Back-Up. 1982 May:5

B2 Category (Rats & Mice). 1981 Nov:7

Biochemical Genetics. 1979 Mar:3

CANCERLIT, TW & TF Program Error, Review. 1981 Nov:3

CANCERLIT Automatic SDI Strategies. 1982 Oct:6

CATLINE/AVLINE, AACR 2 Changes. 1981 Nov:5

CATLINE, Changes to EL, AI, and U2 Data Elements. 1980 Feb:3

CATLINE, Geographic Headings. 1979 Jun:8

CATLINE, ISSN and ISBN Numbers. 1982 Jan:3

CATLINE, Minor Descriptors. 1979 Jun:8

CATLINE, Non-Print Subject Headings. 1979 Jun:8

CATLINE, Subheadings. 1980 Apr:5

CATLINE, Title Search Keys. 1980 Feb:3


Name Mapping. 1981 Mar:3

MeSH and MEDLINE. 1980 Feb:7; 1982 Mar:5

CHEMLINE, String Searching. 1979 Dec:9

CROSSFILE Searching/Printing

CCRIS - TOXNET. 1990 Jun:19

HSDB - TOXNET. 1990 Jun:19

IRIS - TOXNET. 1990 Jun:19

RTECS - TOXNET. 1990 Jun:19

TOXNET. 1990 Jun:19

TRI87 and TRI88 - TOXNET. 1990 May:4

TRI87 and TRI88 - TOXNET. 1990 Nov-Dec:33

Diacritics in MEDLARS. 1991 May-Jun:39

EXP or EXPLODE, Problems. 1982 Sep:5

Free-Floating Subheadings. 1981 Mar:3

Gene Symbol (GS) Field - New Search Capability. 1991 Sep-Oct:15

Geographics, Changes. 1981 Dec:4

Greek Characters. 1979 Mar:3

Limiting by Year. 1980 May:7

Limiting Retrieval to Articles with Abstracts. 1996 May-Jun:2

MEDLINE and All Backfiles. 1990 Feb:20

MeSH Terms that Are Also Commands. 1982 Sep:4

MESH Terms with 30+ Characters Searchable. 1981 Dec:4

Multi-Meaning Messages. 1981 Mar:5


New Features

Address (AD) Field. 1990 Sep-Oct:27

Comments (CM) Field - HEALTH. 1990 Sep-Oct:33

Consider Also Reference. 1990 Sep-Oct:34

Gene Symbol (GS) Field. 1990 Sep-Oct:31

Text Word Searching. 1990 Sep-Oct:25

Title Abbreviation Changes. 1990 Sep-Oct:29

Title Field Text Word (TF) Searching. 1990 Sep-Oct:26

Transplantation Headings. 1990 Feb:72

Transplantation Headings. 1990 Sep-Oct:29

NEWS as Textword. 1981 Sep:3

OFFSEARCH, Four Ways To Do. 1981 Dec:14

PH (MH) and PH (SH). 1982 May:4

OFFSEARCH, Dissimilar Files. 1979 Feb:5

PH(MH) and PH(SH) in MEDLINE. 1979 Oct:4

POPLINE Thesaurus. 1981 Nov:10

Pre-Explosions. 1981 Jul:17

STRINGSEARCHING, Efficient. 1980 Mar:7

TDB, Summary of Searching Concepts. 1980 Jun:4

VERSION as MESH Heading. 1979 Aug:4

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(May 1969 - March-April 1993)
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Beginning with the May-June 1996 issue of the NLM Technical Bulletin, information about indexed journal titles is no longer published in the Technical Bulletin.

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