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1991 New Subheadings. 1991 Jan-Feb:78

1991 Subheading Pre-Explosions. 1991 Jan-Feb:80; 1991 Jan-Feb:Appendix G

1992 Subheading Pre-Explosions. 1991 Sep-Oct:3; 1991 Sep-Oct:Appendix F

Addition For Diagnosis. 1991 Sep-Oct:19

Two NewLists. 1991 Sep-Oct:19

add (SUBS ADD). 1981 Jul:3

Annotations. 1993 Jan-Feb:12

Biosynthesis. 1990 Nov-Dec:17

Disallowed Subheadings in MEDLINE and HEALTH. 1991 Mar-Apr:14

double form, AVLINE. 1980 Jul:7

drug effect and ultrastructure can now be used with Nucleic Acids. 1987 Oct:11

Epidemiology. 1990 Feb:83

Expanded usage. 1990 Feb:68

EXPLAIN commands available. 1988 May:15

extended use. 1986 Dec:6; 1989 Feb:35

Form Subheadings. 1993 Jan-Feb 1993 -13, 29

Form subheadings for catalogers. 1990 Feb 90:67; 1992 Jan-Feb:77; 1992 Jan-Feb:Appendix N

free-floating, searching. 1981 Mar:3

Genetics - correction. 1990 Mar:5

(HN) History Note field available. 1989 Feb:23

In Annotations. 1993 Jan-Feb:11

in CATLINE searching. 1980 Apr:5

Metabolism - clarification of scope note. 1990 Nov-Dec:17

New 1991. 1990 Sep-Oct:16

pharmacodynamics replaced by: pharmacology. 1987 Oct:10

Pharmacokinetics (PK) added. 1987 Oct:10

Pre-explosions 1991. 1990 Sep-Oct:17

Pre-explosions 1991. 1990 Sep-Oct:Appendix E

Pre-Explosions 1994. 1993 Sept-Oct:Appendix E

Print Abbreviations. 1991 Jan-Feb:81

SECONDARY, new subheading. 1980 Feb:3

SECONDARY, search strategy in MEDLINE. 1983 Jan:6

Statistics and Numerical Data added. 1989 Feb:22

Surgery, indexing policy change. 1989 Feb:34

Topical - history of availability. 1990 Jun:1

twenty are extended for use with Smoking. 1987 Oct:11

Ultrastructure/UL. 1990 Sep-Oct:7

update of new and changed. 1989 Feb:39

usage expansion will continue in 1990. 1989 Oct:6

Usage has expanded. 1990 Feb:68

vs. explosions. 1982 Jul:4

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