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Abstracting and Indexing Tag (AI) for Journals in SERLINE Records. 1987 Jul:4

Additional Materials. 1983 Apr:11

ANEUPLOIDY  Subfiel Added. 1986 Jul:12

Automatic SDI  Service After Split. 1987 Jul:3

BIOSIS Subfile

1989 MeSH vs. 1990 MeSH. 1990 Jan:4

1990 MeSH Use. 1990 Apr:4

1991 MeSH. 1990 Sep-Oct:11

HEEP Subfile Changed to BIOSIS. 1985 Sep:3

KW (Key Word) Field Contains Biosystematic and Concept Codes. 1989 Feb:4

MeSH Added. 1989 Mar:12

SDIs. 1990 Sep-Oct:11

Transfer from TOXLIT and TOXLIT65. 1989 Feb:57

Update. 1990 Feb:56

Comments (CM) Field Added. 1990 Apr:4

CRISP. 1984 Dec:6; 1985 Feb:5; 1985 Feb:9; 1992 Jan-Feb:64

Public Health Service Toxicology Research Projects for FY 1986-1988. 1989 Feb:4

Regeneration. 1990 Apr:4

Update. 1990 Feb:56; 1987 Sep:3

DART Available. 1992 Jan-Feb:64

DART Subfile

New. 1990 Apr:17

Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology Subfile (DART) Added. 1992 Jul-Aug:17

EIS (Epidemiology Information System) Subfile. 1987 Jan:3; 1987 Feb:6

Eliminating MEDLINE Overlap. 1993 Mar-Apr:22

EMIC subfile

Regeneration. 1990 Apr:4

Update. 1990 Feb:56

Enhanced searching for TOXLINE via NLM Gateway. 2005 Sep-Oct:e1

Entry Month (EM) changes in several subfiles due to reconfiguraton. 1987 Aug:3

EPIDEM subfile

Regeneration. 1990 Apr:4

Update. 1990 Feb:56

updated version of records. 1989 Feb:4

ETIC subfile

Regeneration. 1990 Apr:4

Update. 1990 Feb:56

ETICBACK subfile

New. 1990 Apr:17

FEDRIP (Federal Research in Progress)


New database. 1990 Sep-Oct:4; 1990 Nov-Dec:30

free searching on November 19, 1987. 1987 Oct:8

HEEP subfile changed to BIOSIS. 1985 Sep:3

HMTC Subfile. 1984 Oct:10

Additional CAS Registry Numbers (RN). 1989 Feb:5

ILO Subfile. 1984 Nov:10

Importing TOXLINE Special Citations into Reference Manager. 2006 Mar-Apr:e1

IPA Subfile

Transfer form TOXLIT and TOXLIT65. 1989 Feb:57

Limiting, English Language. 1985 Mar:9

MeSH Searching. 1989 Nov:4

MeSH Use. 1990 Jan:4

Multi-File Search, Sample. 1989 Feb:5

New Searching Techniques. 1987 Aug:17

New Subfiles

DART. 1990 Apr:17

ETICBACK. 1990 Apr:17

NIOSH Subfile

Update. 1990 Feb:56

NIOSHTIC Records Added. 1987 Sep:6


Regeneration. 1990 Apr:4

Update. 1990 Feb:56

Pocket Card. 1990 Jun:4; 1991 Jul-Aug: Enclosure

Poisonous Plants Subfile Added. 1987 Oct:3

Price Increase. 1984 Jan:Enc; 1985 Nov:39; 1986 Jan:4; 1984 Apr:Appendix A; 1987 Jan:3; 1995 Jan:3

PRINT  Option Changes. 1985 May:15

Regeneration. 1984 Aug:5; 1988 Sep:1; 1988 Nov:4; 1989 Feb:4; 1990 Apr:4; 1990 Jun:23; 1991 Mar-Apr:4; 1992 Mar-Apr:12; 1993 May-Jun:4; 1994 Mar-Apr:4; 1995 Sep-Oct:3; 1996 May-Jun:2

Regeneration and Split Occuring August 1, 1987. 1987 Jul:1

RPROJ Subfile. 1985 Feb:5; 1985 Feb:9

Removed Temporarily. 1984 Oct:3

SDIs. 1990 Jun:23; 1991 Sep-Oct:6

Data Element Changes in T601-700. 1984 Nov:3

New SORT  Format. 1983 Apr:3

Search Hint, Comprehensive Searching. 1983 Sep:14

SORT Feature. 1983 Mar:3

Status of Reconfiguration. 1989 Feb:57

Subfiles Delayed. 1987 Aug:17

subfiles will segment for royalty charges. 1987 May:1

TOXBIB Subfile

TOXBIB Entry Month Changes. 1987 Dec:3

File Changes. 1991 Jan-Feb:62

MEDLINE-Assigned Molecular Sequence Data Bank Numbers in ID  Data Field. 1989 Feb:5

MeSH Use. 1990 Jan:4; 1990 Feb:56; 1990 Apr:4; 1990 Sep-Oct:11

SDIs. 1990 Sep-Oct:11

TOXLEARN Available. 1989 Jun:9

TSCATS Available. 1992 Jan-Feb:64

TSCATS Subfile

Added. 1988 Mar:4

Corrections. 1988 Apr:4

Description. 1988 Apr:6

EPA Submission Types Now Searchable. Feb:4

Regeneration. 1990 Apr:4

Update. 1990 Feb:56

Unit Record. 1985 May:16

Update. 1983 Oct:App; 1984 Sep:3; 1990 Feb:56; 1991 Jan-Feb:62; 1992 Jan-Feb:64; 1995 Sep-Oct:41B; 1996 Sep-Oct:21D;

User Guide Revised and Available. 1986 Jan:3

Year-End Processing

SDIs. 1990 Sep-Oct:11; 1996 Sep-Oct:7

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Beginning with the May-June 1996 issue of the NLM Technical Bulletin, information about indexed journal titles is no longer published in the Technical Bulletin.

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