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National Library of Medicine Technical BulletinNational Library of Medicine Technical Bulletin


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2400 Baud Access Now Available. 1987 Jul:4

Accessible Through CompuServe or INFONET. 1989 Dec:3

Access News. 1991 May-Jun:3

Access Procedures. 1990 Jan:App; 1990 Feb:107; 1991 Jan-Feb:117; 1991 May-Jun:Appendix A

Answers to Searching Exercise. 1985 Sep:16

Available on MUMPS. 1991 Mar-Apr:4

Billing Notice. 1992 Jan-Feb:66

Brief Guide. 1991 Jul-Aug:Enclosure

Brief Guide - Errata. 1991 Jul-Aug: 3

Brief Guide, January 1987 Edition Errata. 1987 Feb:4

Canned Searching. 2005 Nov-Dec:e1

CAS Registry Number (RN) New Response Message. 1992 Sep-Oct:4


CROSSFILE Searching/Printing. 1990 Jun:19

Enhancements. 1988 Jan:10

File Description. 1986 Mar:5

File to be Added. 1986 Jan:6

Update. 1991 Jul-Aug:32; 1989 Feb:60

Change in Downtime. 1986 May:3

Charges. 1985 Jun:7

Chemical and Physical Properties (CPP). 1985 Oct:10

ChemIDplus Adds New Searching Features. 2006 Mar-Apr:e1

Computer Downtime Change. 1987 Jun:3

CROSSFILE Searching/Printing

HSDB, RTECS, CCRIS and IRIS. 1990 Jun:19

TRI, TRI87, TRI88. 1990 May:4

TRI, TRI87, TRI88. 1990 Nov-Dec:33


Continuation of ETICBACK on TOXNET. 1990 Apr:12

MHF (MeSH Heading Fragment) - New Database element. 1990 Jul:6

New Database. 1990 Apr:12

Subfile on TOXLINE. 1990 Apr:17

Unit Record. 1990 Apr:18


Available. 1989 Jan:4

File Description. 1989 Feb:21

New Database. 1990 Feb:57

Description. 1985 May:6; 1985 Jun:7

Display Offline Command. 1992 Sep-Oct:4

DOT Emergency Guidelines in HSDB. 1985 Dec:10

Downtime. 1985 Oct:3

E-mail Address. 1993 Sept-Oct:5

ELHILL Gateway. 1993 Mar-Apr:3; 1993 May-Jun:13; 1993 Sept-Oct:45


Available. 1989 Apr:3; 1989 May:4; 1989 Jun:17

New Database. 1990 Feb:57

Updated. 1990 Jul:6

Error Messages. 1985 Nov:25


Available. 1989 Jan:4

Continued by DART on TOXNET. 1990 Apr:12

File Description. 1989 Feb:18

New Database. 1990 Feb:57

Subfile on TOXLINE. 1990 Apr:17

Updated. 1990 Jul:6

Fact Sheet. 1986 Mar:Enc

Files Being Phased In. 1988 Jul:10; 1989 Feb:60

GATEWAY More Sophisticated. 1989 Feb:60

Gateway Expanded. 1988 Feb:1

Gateway to ELHILL Databases. 1987 May:12


New Databank. 1991 Mar-Apr:1

Grateful Med Access Via INFONET. 1991 Mar-Apr:4


Brand Name Products Added. 2005 Nov-Dec:e1

Household Products Database.

Brand Name Products Added. 2005 Nov-Dec:e1


CROSSFILE Searching/Printing. 1990 Jun:19

EMT (Emergency Medical Treatment) Field Added. 1990 Jan:5

Menu Searching Available. 1991 Nov-Dec:1


  • Will Augment With Medical Treatment Data. 1989 Feb:60

Review Status Tags. 1989 Feb:60

Searching. 1985 Aug:6

Tapes Available Through NTIS. 1990 Jan:4

Unit Record Changing. 1988 Dec:5

HSDB and Material Safety Data Sheets. 1987 Jul:10

HSDB Nanomaterial Records Added. 2009 Nov-Dec:e2

Internet Accessible. 1993 Mar-Apr:3

INTROTOX Discontinued. 1988 Apr:4

Invoices. 1985 Sep:3


CROSSFILE Searching/Printing. 1990 Jun:19

Fact Sheet Available. 1990 Mar:Enclosure

File Structure Description and Searching Tips. 1990 Mar:1

IRIS Reference Guide. 1990 Jul:5

Overview of Expected Database. 1990 Jan:15

Unit Record. 1990 Mar:8


Alternative To Break Key. 1986 Feb:4

Procedures. 1985 Jun:9; 1985 Nov:8; 1986 Mar:App

LactMed Added. 2006 Mar-Apr:e1; 2007 Mar-Apr:e1

Mobile Access. 2012 Jan-Feb:b10

Multi-Database Searching. 2005 Nov-Dec:e1

MUMPS Conversion. 1992 Jan-Feb:65

NBR ALL Command. 1987 Mar:4

New Features

Canceling A Comment. 1990 Sep-Oct:5


New Pocket Card. 1988 Apr:Enc

Offline print command problems during January 1987. 1987 Feb:3

Offline Prints Can Be Cancelled. 1987 Dec

Offline Prints. 1985 Jul:4

Online NEWS. 1985 Jul:15


Access. 2005 Nov-Dec:e1

Pocket Card. 1986 Dec:enclosure

POISINDEX Deleted From HSDB. 1988 Jan:4

Preliminary Search Guide. 1985 Oct:Enc

PRINT. 1985 Sep:12

PRINTGROUPS. 1986 Feb:11; 1992 May-Jun:23

PRINT NEW format. 1989 May:3

PROFILE. 1986 Feb:11

Proximty Searching. 1996 Jul-Aug:8

Recent Developments. 1992 Sep-Oct:22


Available. 1987 Jul:3

Available October 1, 1987. 1987 Aug:1

Move Expected December 1987. 1987 Nov:4

CROSSFILE Searching/Printing. 1990 Jun:19

Two Additional Data Elements

  • NIOSH Exposure Survey (NEXP). 1990 Mar:5

  • Other Registry Number (ORN). 1990 Mar:5

Update. 1988 Mar:52; 1989 Feb:60

Search Enhancements Announced. 1987 Jan:1

Searching Chemical Regulations and Standards in HSDB. 1986 Apr:8

Searching HSDB and TDB. 1985 Aug:6

Searching RTECS on TOXNET. 1987 Dec:3

Searching Withing Single HSDB Record. 1986 Aug:12

SHAREGROUPS in TOXNET. 1992 May-Jun:24

SHOW COST. 1985 Aug:13

SORTing in TOXNET Files Other Than TRI. 1992 Jan-Feb:28

Special LOGOFF Procedure. 1986 Dec:3

System Enhancements. 1987 Sep:3

TDB File Discontinued. 1986 Apr:3; 1986 Sep:3

TDB Searching. 1985 Aug:6

TELENET   Address Change. 1986 Jun:3

Toxicity Excerpts and Values in HSDB. 1986 May:6

Toxics Release Inventory (TRI)

TRI2003. 2005 Jul-Aug:e1

TRI2004. 2006 Mar-Apr:e1

TRI2009. 2011 Jan-Feb:e13

TRI2010. 2012 Jan-Feb:b4

Improved Location Data Added to TOXMAP. 2006 Nov-Dec:e1

Updates. 2009 Sep-Oct:e22

TOXNET Brief Guide Available from NLM. 1992 Jan-Feb:66

TOXNET Reference Guide Available from NLM. 1992 Jan-Feb:66

TOXNOTES Feature Available in News. 1987 Aug:3


CALC Command Available. 1990 May:4

Coming Up. 1989 Jan:8

CROSSFILE Searching/Printing. 1990 May:4

CROSSFILE Searching/Printing. 1990 Nov-Dec:33

Demo Disk Available. 1990 Jul:4

New Database. 1990 Feb:57

New Database. 1990 May:3

TRI Renamed to TRI87. 1990 May:4

TRI93 Added 1995 Mar-Apr:4

Update. 1990 Feb:57

TRIFACTS-A New TOXNET File. 1992 May-Jun:1

Unit Record. 1985 Jul:12

Update. 1989 Feb:60

User IDs. 1985 Jul:3

Workshop. 1993 Jan-Feb:6

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(May 1969 - March-April 1993)
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