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Continuation of ETICBACK. 1990 Apr:12

MHF (MeSH Heading Fragment) - New Data Element. 1990 Jul:6

New TOXNET Database. 1990 Apr:12

Subfile on TOXLINE. 1990 Apr:17

Unit Record. 1990 Apr:18

DART Added to TOXLINE. 1992 Jul-Aug:17

Databanks that Register Molecular Sequences Now Being Added to MEDLINE  Records. 1988 Apr:1

Databanks Registering Molecular Sequences. 1991 Jan-Feb:Appendix I


Abbreviations. 1983 Dec:7

AVLINE Changes. 1984 Feb:7

BIOETHICSLINE< Subject Captions Field (SC). 1984 Jan:10

CATLINE Changes. 1984 Feb:7

Changes in CATLINE and AVLINE. 1982 Apr:4

Changes in Health File. 1982 Oct:6

CLINPROT Changes. 1983 Jun:3

DIRLINE Changes. 1984 Feb:11

HEALTH Changes. 1983 Mar:9; 1983 Dec:6

New (II). 1982 Aug:4

Newly Created for MeSH VOCABULARY File. 1988 Mar:4

Numeric - Search Hint. 1985 Jun:12

PDQ Changes. 1983 Jun:3; 1983 Jul:4

Standardization. 1979 Sep:4

Translated into English phrases for AVLINE, CATLINE, HISTLINE, NAF. 1988 Mar:3

Data Form Abbreviations (DF). 1991 Jan-Feb:84

Data Form Abbreviations - New. 1990 Feb:70

DATA FORM ABBREVIATIONS, Government Research Support terms. 1979 Aug:3

DATABASE Command. see ELHILL $Commands

Database Update Schedule. 1985 Jun:App; 1985 Oct:App

1989. 1989 Feb:10; 1989 Feb:9

1990 AIDSLINE. 1990 Apr:9; 1989 Oct:Appendix D

1990 MEDLINE. 1990 Feb:17; 1989 Oct:Appendix C; 1990 Apr:8; 1989 Oct:Appendix C; 1989 Oct:4; 1989 Oct:Appendix B

1990 SDILINE. 1990 Jan:13

1991 AIDSLINE. 1990 Sep-Oct:Appendix C

1991 MEDLINE - Weekly. 1990 Sep-Oct:Appendix A; 1991 Jan-Feb:Appendix A; 1990 Nov-Dec:Appendix A

1991 NLM Databases - Monthly. 1990 Sep-Oct:Appendix B

1991 SDILINE. 1991 Jan-Feb:Appendix B

1992 AIDSLINE. 1991 Sep-Oct:Appendix C

1992 MEDLINE - Weekly. 1991 Sep-Oct:Appendix A

1992 NLM Databases - Monthly. 1991 Sep-Oct:Appendix B

1992 Update Schedules. 1991 Sep-Oct:3

1993 Update Schedules. 1992 Sep-Oct:5

1996 Update Schedules. 1995 Sep-Oct:4


Availability Changes. 1981 May:4

Charging Mechanism for Tapes, Change. 1982 Jan:4

Copyright. 1984 Jun:3

Frequency of Updates. 1979 May:4; 1981 Feb:App; 1984 Jan:App

Update Schedule for 1983. 1982 Oct:App

DATA Field Data Element in TRI. 1989 Jan:3

Data Form Abbreviations for two 1987 MeSH Headings. 1987 Jan:4

Date of Entry Field (DA) 1983 Apr:6

Increase in MEDLINE. 1984 Dec:4

Index Medicus Ranges. 1985 Feb:Enc; 1986 Jan:App; 1987 Jan:Appendix C; 1988 Jan:Appendix A

Ranges. 1984 Feb:App

Date of Publication Field (DP). 1985 Feb:4

Standardization. 1984 Nov:8

DB. see ELHILL $Commands


DIRLINE  New Subfile Added. 1989 Mar:3

Fact Sheet. 1989 Jul:Enc

File Description on TOXNET. 1989 Feb:21

New Database on TOXNET. 1990 Feb:57

TOXNET  New File. 1989 Jan:4

Unit Record in TOXNET. 1989 Feb:22

DBIR (Directory of Biotechnology Information Resources). 1993 Jan-Feb:21

Decode Values Change for CATLIN/AVLINE. 1988 Mar:3

Decode Values Updated for Offline Printing. 1988 Jun:3

Defaults, CHEMLINE Changes. 1983 Jun:11

Demo Disk



Demo Disk for Chemical and Toxicological Files

Update. 1988 Mar:4

Revised. 1988 Jun:5

Demonstration Codes. 1993 Nov-Dec:Appendix A

MMS Now Giving PDQ Demo Codes. 1986 Dec:4

PDQ. 1985 Mar:3; 1986 Jan:3

PDQ Available from NCI. 1986 Jan:3

Procedures for Use. 1981 Sep:10

Profile, Changing. 1981 Aug:3

Usage Report not Needed. 1987 Mar:3

Dental Journal Subset Tag. 1989 Feb:30


1989 MeSH Use. 1990 Jan:4

1990 MeSH Use. 1990 Mar:4

Database Coming on ELHILL. 1989 May:16

File Explanation. 1989 Jul:13

Offline Prints Available. 1989 Nov:3

Unit Record. 1989 Jul:14

Deposit Accounts

Minimum Amount. 1990 Sep-Oct:8

NTIS Delinquent Deposit Accounts. 1990 Jul:7

Desert Storm Syndrome. 1994 Jul-Aug:6

DF (Data Form Abbreviation). 1991 Jan-Feb:84

Diacritical Marks

Colons Denoting Removed. 1993 Nov-Dec:12

Commands to Turn Diacritics Translation On and Off. 1993 Nov-Dec:12

Diacritics - Searching in MEDLARS. 1991 May-Jun:39

Direct Dial 1200 Baud

Rotor Reduced. 1989 Sep:3


Charges. 1983 Jan:5

Disconnect. 1983 Jan:4

Numbers Changed. 1981 Jan:3; 1985 May:4

P(CR) Operational. 1980 Aug:3

P(CR) Test Period. 1980 Jul:5

15 Minute Time Lag. 1983 Jan:5

Direct Dial Access (Washington, D.C.)

2400 Baud Direct Number Available. 1988 Aug:3

Directory of Biotechnology Information Resources (DBIR). 1993 Jan-Feb:21

Directory of Information Resources Online see - DIRLINE

Direct Searching Disabled in GRATEFUL MED - IBM Version 4.0 so that Older Material Does Not Become Available. 1989 May:17


1990 MeSH Use. 1990 Mar:4

Abolishment of National Referral Center. 1986 Apr:7

AC (Acronym) Field Now Searchable. 1989 Mar:3

Available for Lease. 1993 Nov-Dec:23

Available on NLM's Locator. 1994 Nov-Dec:3

Changes Due to Oct 86 Update. 1986 Nov:6

CITY (City) Field Now Searchable. 1989 Mar:3

Cost. 1983 Nov:3

Data Element Changes. 1984 Feb:178

DBIR Subfile Added. 1989 Mar:3

Definition and General Information. 1992 Jan-Feb:56

Description of File. 1983 Jul:9

DIRLINE Self-Instructional Guide Available From NLM. 1992 Jan-Feb:56

Drug Abuse Communications Network (DRACON). 1986 Oct:3

Fact Sheet Available. 1986 Jul:3

File Information. 1986 Apr:7

Free Access. 1994 Jan-Feb:13

Geographic Searching. 1986 Jun:9

Health Care Technology Assessment (HCTA) Subfile added. 1990 Feb:48

Health Hotlines - Listing of 800 Numbers for Organizations available. 1987 Jul:4

HMD Subfile Added. 1988 Apr:3

Manual Chapter. 1983 Dec:Enc

Manual Revised Pages. 1984 May:Enc

MeSH Indexing. 1990 Feb:48

Name Words (NW) Searchable. 1987 Feb:3

National Health Information Clearinghouse

  • Changed Name to ODPHP Health Information Center. 1986 Aug:4

NHIC Records Added. 1984 Jun:7

Offprints. 1983 Sep:6

OFFSEARCHes. 1983 Sep:5

OHIC Records Missing. 1986 Nov:4

Organization Additions. 1983 Sep:5

Poison Control Centers (PCC) subfile. 1986 Aug:4; 1986 Sep:12

Print DES, new print format. 1989 Mar:3

print format change. 1986 Sep:4

search hint. 1983 Jul:9

Self-Instructional Guide. 1985 Feb:Enc; 1985 May:14

Self-Instructional Guide available. 1986 Jul:3

subfiles added: AIDS, Self-Help Clearinghouses, NIH Research Resources. 1988 Dec:7

Subfiles Description. 1993 Nov-Dec:23

subfile from Nat'l Ctr Ed in Maternal & Child Health added (MCH). 1988 Aug:4; 1988 Sep:6

toll-free numbers/Health Hotlines. 1988 Apr:5

Update. 1983 Dec:Enc; 1990 Feb:48; 1991 Jan-Feb:55; 1992 Mar-Apr:3; 1993 Jan-Feb:21

udates and changes. 1987 Oct:14

DISPLAY command

brief description. 1980 Feb:7

changes due to online sort. 1989 Oct:28

EXPLAINed online. 1980 Oct:4

Display Offline Command Available in TOXNET. 1992 Sep-Oct:4


Access. 1992 Jan-Feb:27

Extended Access Hours. 1992 Jan-Feb:27

HEALTH file Unique Identifier (UI) added. 1989 Feb:17

MLA - DOCLINE/Loansome Doc Events. 1986 Apr:4; 1990 Jul:13

New Logon Procedure. 1992 Jan-Feb:27

Service Desk. 1989 Nov:4; 1986 Mar:3

Transition from TCAM to VTAM. 1991 May-Jun:1

Update. 1993 May-Jun:9


Database Free. 1994 May-Jun:3

documentation prepared. 1988 Jun:3

file available. 1988 Apr:8

searching. 1988 May:1

Dosage Errors, Rubric Alert. 1993 Sept-Oct:3


used with command to counteract line noise. 1981 Apr:3

Drug Combination Terms changed for CLINPROT. 1988 May:4

DSFILE. see ELHILL $Commands

DSLIST. see ELHILL $Commands

DSM-II, DSM-III, ICD-9-CM, comparison with MeSH. 1980 Aug:13

DSPRINT Correction. 1994 May-Jun:6

DSPURGE. see ELHILL $Commands

Duplicate publication - new heading. 1990 Feb:71

DX and DY fields in MESH File. 1989 Feb:23

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