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National Library of Medicine Technical BulletinNational Library of Medicine Technical Bulletin

ELHILL (1979-1996)

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1993 ELHILL Enhancements. 1992 Sep-Oct:1

Access to ELHILL Discontinued September 30, 1999.

Access Procedures. 1990 Feb:103; 1991 May-Jun:Appendix A

AVLINE - Updated with New ELHILL Enhancements. 1990 Nov-Dec:2

Broadcasts. 1985 Jul:8

CATLINE - Updated with New ELHILL Enhancements. 1990 Nov-Dec:25

ChemID - Announcement and Description of New Database. 1990 Jan:1

Coming Attractions. 1993 Sept-Oct:13; 1994 Sep-Oct:1

Coming Attractions - Effective December 14, 1992. 1992 Sep-Oct:13

Continuous Print Command. 1993 Nov-Dec:1

Command Language Access Ceases September 30, 1999.

Commands see also $Commands.

Corrections Causing SAVE/STORESEARCH Problems. 1988 Jan:6


Enhancements. 1988 Oct:1; 1990 Sep-Oct:1; 1993 Sept-Oct:1; 1995 Sep-Oct:1

Entry Month (EM) Field Added to MEDLINE Backfiles. 1985 Oct:6

Expanded Weekend Hours. 1985 Mar:5

EXPLODE ALL. 1990 Apr:10

File INFORM. 1990 Nov-Dec:5

PREMEDLINE Database Added. 1996 Jul-Aug:1

LOGIN Procedures, Chart. 1985 Nov:7

Maximum Line Length. 1990 Jul:5

New File Connect messages. 1985 Nov:4

One Copy Down at 7:00 PM ET. 1985 May:3

Online NEWS. 1985 Jul:8

Prequalification for Search Terms that are Also ELHILL Commands. 1991 Mar-Apr:23

Round-the-Clock Access. 1985 Apr:7

Searching ELHILL Files for Words Containing Diacritical Marks. 1996 Jul-Aug:13

SenSearching on Former STOPWORDs. 1993 May-Jun:21

Software Changes for 1988. 1987 Nov:7

Sort Capabilities for Online Printing. 1990 Jan:4

STOPWORDs Now Searchable as Text Words. 1993 May-Jun:19

system messages change. 1987 Dec:4

TCAM to VTAM. 1991 May-Jun:1

Timeout Length Shortened. 1993 May-Jun:3

TOXNET Gateway. 1993 Mar-Apr:3; 1993 May-Jun:13; 1993 Sept-Oct:45

Update 1993. 1993 Jan-Feb:1

Version 3.2.

Version 3.3. 1988 Oct:17

Version 3.3A.

Version 3.4

VTAM Interface. 1993 May-Jun:3

Walk-Thru. 1988 Oct:26

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