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Handicapped, Searching for Concept of. 1987 Jan:13

Happy 20th Birthday MEDLINE. 1991 Sep-Oct:1

Harvard Graphics

Available on the Grateful Med Bulletin Board for Version 5.0 for the IBM. 1990 Apr:3

Hazardous Material Technical Center - see HMTC.

Hazardous Substances Databank (HSDB). 1985 May:6; 1985 Aug:6; 1985 Oct:5; Nov:16; 1985 Dec:10

CROSSFILE searching/printing. 1990 Jun:19

Data from POISINDEX Deleted. 1988 Jan:4

EMT (Emergency Medical Treatment) field added. 1990 Jan:5

Fact Sheet. 1986 Mar:Enc

Material Safety Data Sheets. 1987 Jul:10

medical treatment data from POISINDEX added. 1989 Feb:60

Menu Searching Now Available. 1991 Nov-Dec:1

Reference Guide Revised. 1993 May-Jun:5

review status tags. 1989 Feb:60

review status tags modified. 1988 Jun:3

RTECS data removed. 1988 Dec:5

searching chemical regulations and standards. 1986 Apr:8

searching within a single record. 1986 Aug:12

Tapes available through NTIS. 1990 Jan:4

toxicity excerpts and values. 1986 May:6

unit record changes. 1988 Dec:5

HCTA (Health Care Technology Assessment)

Subfile on DIRLINE. 1990 Feb:48

Head and Neck Neoplasms, searching. 1986 Jul:14

Header data element in TRI. 1989 May:6

Health Care Reform Vocabulary. 1995 May-Jun:11

Health Care Technology Assessment - see HCTA

HEALTH - Health Planning and Administration

1987 file available. 1986 Oct:4

Addition of UI/SI to Automatic SDI Print Format. 1991 May-Jun:4

Address (AD) field broadening of scope. 1990 Feb:21

Address (AD) Field Now Searchable. 1991 Jan-Feb:30

AHA Resource Center offers half-day seminar. 1989 Feb:55

automatic SDIs available. 1981 Dec:6; 1982 Feb:3

Becomes HealthSTAR 1995 Sep-Oct:3; 1995 Nov-Dec:1

brochure available. 1984 Sep:4; 1989 Feb:55

chronological order of citations mixed due to year-end processing. 1987 Jan:4

citations included in AIDSLINE. 1989 Apr:1

Comments (CM) field added. 1990 Apr:4; 1990 Sep-Oct:33

current document coverage. 1980 Aug:9

data element changes. 1983 Mar:9; 1983 Dec:6

data element deletions, 1983. 1982 Dec:3

different than MEDLINE. 1983 Dec:3

Disallowed Subheadings. 1991 Mar-Apr:14

Eliminating MEDLINE Overlap. 1993 Mar-Apr:22

fact sheet. 1979 Jan:Enc

Field now searchable. 1990 Sep-Oct:27

Hospital Literature Index Available. 1992 Jan-Feb:57

journals added to special list HEALTH. 1989 Feb:55

Journal Subset field (SB). 1983 Aug:3

manual replacement pages. 1983 Dec:Enc

MAP NOTES, included in. 1980 Apr:3

Merger with HSTAR 1995 Sep-Oct:3; 1995 Nov-Dec:1

MeSH use. 1982 Feb:3; 1985 Oct:7; 1987 Oct:4; 1989 Jan:3; 1990 Jan:3; 1990 Sep-Oct:9; 1990 Sep-Oct:11


New Publication Type (PT) Practice Guideline Added. 1992 Jan-Feb:58

NHPIC records added. 1983 Mar:7

PRINT format changes. 1983 Mar:11

review SDI strategy for 1989 MeSH. 1988 Oct:6

SDIs. 1991 Sep-Oct:6

Search Hint. 1993 Sept-Oct:47

Searching for Resource-Based Relative Value Scales. 1989 May:20

search/print capability update. 1989 Feb:55

Secondary Source ID (SI) Field. 1986 Dec:18

SORT. 1983 Mar:8

Source field (SO) changes. 1983 May:4

Unique Identifier (UI) added to DOCLINE. 1989 Feb:17

Update. 1981 Oct:App; 1982 Oct:App; 1983 Oct:App; 1988 Mar:51; 1990 Feb:50; 1991 Jan-Feb:57; 1993 Sept-Oct:39

update schedule change. 1981 Nov:4

Year-End Processing. 1983 Oct:4; 1984 Oct:4; 1985 Oct:4; 1989 Oct:31; 1990 Sep-Oct:11; 1991 Sep-Oct:9

Health Hotlines, a listing of toll-free phone numbers from DIRLINE. 1987 Jul:4

Health Hotline Update. 1988 Sep:Enc; 1991 May-Jun:4

Health Planning & Administration see Health

Health Professional Trainers. 1986 Feb:3

Health Professional Training. 1985 Jan:4; 1985 Jan:6

application process for access code. 1986 Feb:9

Health Professional Training Codes. 1985 Jan:6

Trainer request form. 1985 Jan:8; 1986 Feb:App

Health Professional Training Guide available from NTIS. 1985 Aug:5

Health Sciences Serials Ceases Publication.1996 Sep-Oct:11

microfiche catalog discontinued. 1988 Dec:5

Health Services and Technology Assessment Research Databasesee HSTAR

Health Services Research Projects Database. 1994 Sep-Oct:1

Health Services/Technology Assessment Text see HSTAT

HealthSTAR (Health Services and Technology Assessment Research) Database

Automatic SDI Service Added. 1994 May-Jun:19

Automatic SDI service available. 1996 May-Jun:7

CATLINE Data in HealthSTAR, Checktag vs Subheading. 1996 May-Jun:7

Correction. 1994 Mar-Apr:6

Database Introduced. 1994 Jan-Feb:1

File Availability Delayed. 1994 Nov-Dec:3

Gold Standard Search: Cost of Making Health Care Accessible to Rural Americans. 1996 Sep-Oct:12

Merger of HEALTH File and HSTAR to form HealthSTAR. 1995 Sep-Oct:3; 1995 Nov-Dec:1; 1996 May-Jun:7

Searching to Eliminate MEDLINE Overlap. 1996 May-Jun:7

Testing. 1993 May-Jun:17

Unit record. 1996 May-Jun:7

Weekly Update Schedule on ELHILL. 1996 Sep-Oct:21D

Year-End Processing. 1996 Sep-Oct:7

HEEP, TOXLINE subfile, name and scope changing. 1985 Sep:3

Hedges. 1986 Aug:15

Leukemia. 1989 Feb:44

Ophthalmology and Optometry. 1989 Feb:43

Helicobacter Infections. 1990 Sep-Oct:7

Helicobacter Pylori. 1990 Sep-Oct:7

HEWLETT PACKARD 2621P terminals

changes in procedure, operational. 1980 Aug:3

changes in procedure, test. 1980 Jul:5

special procedures. 1980 Apr:3

HGML (Human Gene Mapping Library) SI values added to MEDLINE and its backfiles. 1990 Jan:4

HGML Value in SI Field Eliminated. 1993 Sept-Oct:14

HHAI see Hospital and Health Administration Index

HIS (AI) tag in SERLINE added to core journals for HISTLINE. 1989 Jun:20

HISTLINE. 1994 Jul-Aug:1

certain data elements translated into English phrases. 1988 Mar:3

changes due to Sep 86 update. 1986 Nov:10

changes in fields. 1979 Oct:8

fact sheet. 1979 Jan:Enc

file changes. 1984 Feb:5

geographic added. 1981 May:3; 1981 Jun:3

Guide to Keywords in the Structured HISTLINE Vocabulary. 1984 Dec:4

manual chapter, changes to. 1980 Jan:3

MeSH Headings Available. 1994 Nov-Dec:4

updates, quarterly. 1980 Aug:4

vocabulary change. 1980 Jul:3; 1984 Jun:6

vocabulary guide, availability. 1980 Jan:3

History of Medicine Division. 1994 Jul-Aug:1

Prints and Photographs Collection. 1994 Jul-Aug:33

History & Online Notes - More for 1992. 1991 Sep-Oct:17


Search Hint: Searching on Transmission of Infections from and to Health Care Workers. 1991 Jul-Aug:12

HIV Seropositivity for 1988. 1987 Oct:11

HIV Virus, update. 1988 Mar:35

HMD Subfile of DIRLINE. 1988 Apr:3

HMTC Subfile

additional CAS Registry Numbers (RN). 1989 Feb:5

HMTC, TOXLINE Subfile. 1984 Oct:10

HN (History Note) field available for subheadings. 1989 Feb:23


used for online sorting. 1989 Oct:26

Holiday Schedule

Hospital and Health Administration Index.

1994 Index. 1994 Nov-Dec:5

1995 Index. 1995 Mar-Apr:4

Hospital Library, The Impact of. 1994 May-Jun:Appendix A

Hospital Literature Index see also Publications

Available from American Hospital Association. 1992 Mar-Apr:4

completed 44th year. 1989 Feb:55

Subscription Form. 1992 Mar-Apr:Appendix A

Hospital Literature Index, 1993. 1993 Mar-Apr:3

Hospital Literature Index, 1993 Order Form. 1993 Mar-Apr:Appendix A

Hospital Literature Index, 1994. 1993 Sept-Oct:40

Hospital Satellite Network hosted Grateful Med

Teleconference. 1987 Apr:1

Hours of Operation. 1985 Feb:8; 1985 Mar:5; 1985 Apr:7

1980. 1979 Nov:3

evening & weekend, expanded. 1981 Oct:6

MEDLEARN. 1985 Apr:3; 1985 Jul:3; 1986 Mar:3

NLM hours increased, 1982. 1982 Nov:3

NLM Saturday, not guaranteed. 1982 May:3

prime time changes announced. 1980 Mar:6

HowTo, tutorial for GRATEFUL MED. 1989 Mar:1

installed on hard disk. 1989 Dec:14

HSRPROJ. 1994 Sep-Oct:1

New Database. 1993 Sep-Oct:13

Now Available. 1995 Mar-Apr:1


Becomes HealthSTAR1995 Sep-Oct:3; 1995 Nov-Dec:1

Merger with HEALTH 1995 Sep-Oct:3; 1995 Nov-Dec:1

Update. 1995 Mar-Apr:13

HSTAT (Health Services/Technology Assessment Text)

Database Introduced. 1994 Mar-Apr:18

Update 1995 Mar-Apr:11

Human Gene Mapping Library - see HGML

Human vs. Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Heading, Indexing Policy change. 1989 Feb:31

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