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National Library of Medicine Technical BulletinNational Library of Medicine Technical Bulletin

Index Medicus

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1988 Prices Available. 1987 Nov:5

1989 Subscription Rate. 1987 Nov:5; 1989 Jan:4; 1990 Jan:5

1989 Subscription Rate Changing. 1989 Feb:3

1990 Subscription Rate. 1990 Jan:5

1991 Subscription Price Announced. 1991 Jan-Feb:93

1992 Index Medicus Subscription Available from GPO. 1992 Jan-Feb:83


Available from GPO. 1992 Sep-Oct:3

New Format for Index Medicus in 1993. 1992 Sep-Oct:3


Author Section Format Change. 1994 Jan-Feb:5

International Directory of Bioethics Organizations. 1993 Jul-Aug:3

IRIS Fact Sheet. 1990 Mar:Enclosure

IRIS Reference Guide. 1990 Jul:4

Keyword Index to NLM Literature Searches. 1984 May:5

List of Core Journals for CANCEREXPRESS. 1985 Mar:4

Monthly Subscription. 1994 Jan-Feb:4

Running Heads Format Change. 1994 Jan-Feb:5

Author Indexing Policy. 1995 Sep-Oct:17

Available from GPO. 1992 Sep-Oct:3; 1995 Jan-Feb:4


July 1990. 1990 Sep-Oct:6

Errors in June 1987 Issue. 1987 Aug:4

Index of NLM Serial Titles

Ceased Publication. 1987 Apr:4

Jan 89 Edition Delayed. 1989 Jan:4; 1989 Feb:3

Jan 89 Now in Two Volumes. 1989 Jan:4

Index Medicus, 1991 - Now Available. 1991 Jan-Feb:93

Index Medicus, Limited to Serials. 1982 Jan:3

August 1986 Issue Exceeded Maximum Number of Pages. 1986 Aug:4

May 1988 Edition Month/Issue Information incorrect. 1988 Aug:3

Indexing Status (XS) Field. 1992 Sep-Oct:4

May 1988 Edition Has Incorrect Month/Issue information. 1988 Aug:3

New Journal Titles for Index Medicus/MEDLINE. 1996 Jul-Aug:15A

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