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National Library of Medicine Technical BulletinNational Library of Medicine Technical Bulletin

Medical Library Association (MLA)

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MLA Annual Meeting

1983 remarks by Lois Ann Colaianni. 1983 Aug:11

CE Courses. 1991 Mar-Apr:3

Fixed Fee User Group Meeting. 1994 Mar-Apr:3

Loansome Doc/DOCLINE Meeting at MLA. 1991 Mar-Apr:3

MEDLARS Remarks. 1991 Jul-Aug:1; 1994 Jan-Feb:3; 1995 May-Jun:1; 1996 May-Jun: 1

NLM Update. 1991 Mar-Apr:3; 1994 Jan-Feb:3; 1994 Mar-Apr:3

Online Users Meeting announced. 1979 Apr:3; 1980 Apr:3; 1981 Apr:4; 1982 May:3; 1983 Apr:5; 1985 Mar:4; 1986 Mar:3; 1987 Mar:3; 1991 Mar-Apr:3; 1995 Jan-Feb:4; 1995 Mar-Apr:3; 1995 Nov-Dec:6

NLM Online Users Meeting questions and answers. 1979 Jul:5; 1980 Jul:8; 1981 Jul:6; 1982 Aug:11; 1985 Sep:1; 1986 Aug:1; 1987 Aug:5; 1991 Jul-Aug:7; 1994 Mar-Apr:3; 1994 May-Jun:10; 1996 May-Jun: 6

PDQ - Continuing Education course. 1991 Mar-Apr:3

PDQ User Group Meeting at MLA. 1991 Mar-Apr: 3

recertification credit for online training. 1982 Jun:3; 1983 Jan:3

regional update sessions, award of CE units. 1981 Oct:3; 1982 Nov:4

Training Trainers Workshop. 1986 Mar:10

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