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National Library of Medicine Technical BulletinNational Library of Medicine Technical Bulletin

NLM Technical Bulletin

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Technical Bulletin 1991 Jan-Feb:92

15th Anniversary of MEDLARS. 1986 Sep:supplement

Address change, form first provided. 1987 Jun:3

Available as a PDF. 1996 May-Jun:14

change in paper size announced. 1979 Aug:7

change in paper size implemented. 1980 Jan:4

change mailing address. 1985 Sep:4

Database and Serial Information Available Electronically. 1996 May-Jun:14

equipment configuration feature. 1984 Aug:11



index titles update feature. 1984 Apr:15

Mailing list. 1990 Sep-Oct:8; 1990 Sep-Oct:Appendix K; 1990 Nov-Dec:Appendix C

Missing enclosures, Dec 82 TB. 1983 Jan:7

New serial titles and title changes. 1984 Apr:16

New Serial Titles and Title Changes Announcement, Non-Indexed Titles List is discontinued. 1987 Apr:3

Online Updates, replaced with special issue. 1987 Jun:4

Phones list. 1989 Apr:Enc, Sep:Enc

Redesign of printed publication. 1996 May-Jun:14

Special Issue. 1989 Feb; 1991 Jan-Feb:1; 1990 Feb:1; 1989 Feb

Subscriptions not available. 1985 Mar:3

To be published bimonthly. 1990 Feb:91; 1990 May:4

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