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National Library of Medicine Technical BulletinNational Library of Medicine Technical Bulletin


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1986 Thesaurus available. 1987 Jan:5

A User's Guide to POPLINE Keywords available. 1992 Jan-Feb:62; 1995 Mar-Apr:5

adding 26 new journal titles. 1986 Aug:4

ARI (Automatic Redundant Indexing). 1990 Feb:53

available. 1981 Jan:4; 1982 Feb:4

availability of items at NLM. 1982 Apr:3

brochure. 1981 Nov:Enc

contributor addition. 1985 Jul:18

File Regenerated. 1993 May-Jun:5

general article and update schedule. 1980 Nov:3

keywords, non-mapping. 1981 Jan:Enc

keywords, non-mapping, additions. 1981 Sep:5

manual distributed. 1981 Jan:4

MeSH use. 1984 Feb:3; 1985 Feb:3; 1986 Feb:3; 1987 Jun:3; 1988 Jan:4; 1988 Mar:4; 1989 Apr:3; 1990 Jan:4; 1990 Apr:4; 1996 Sep-Oct:7

Newsletter from the Population Information Program, Johns Hopkins University now aailable. 1988 Dec:6

POP Value Eliminated from AI field in SERLINE. 1993 May-Jun:5

Population Index, general article. 1982 Jul:6

Population Index data added. 1982 Mar:3

Population Index data in POPLINE. 1982 Mar:3

precoded sort change. 1983 Feb:4

PRINT AR format changed. 1982 Jan:3

producer has moved office. 1988 Oct:3

rebuilt and updated. 1988 May:4

regeneration aned file enhancments. 1987 Feb:12

SDI service. 1983 Mar:6; 1991 Sep-Oct:6

Thesaurus. 1990 Feb:53

Thesaurus available. 1984 Jul:6

Thesaurus, Geographical Supplement. 1983 Jul:20; 1983 Jul:Enc

Thesaurus, searching with. 1981 Nov:10

Title Field Text Word (TF) Searching. 1991 Jan-Feb:27

Update. 1981 Oct:App; 1982 Oct:App; 1983 Oct:App; 1990 Feb:53; 1991 Jan-Feb:61; 1993 Jan-Feb:4; 1992 Jan-Feb:61; 1995 Jan-Feb:3; 1995 Sep-Oct:41B; 1996 Sep-Oct:21D

Year-End Processing - SDIs. 1990 Sep-Oct:11

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