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Skull-shaped poison bottle, 19th century
Mathieu Joseph Bonaventure Orfila, about 1835
Mathieu J.B. Orfila, M.D., and Octave Lesueur, M.D., Traité de Médecine Légale… [Treatise of Legal Medicine…], Paris, 1848
Illustrations of hair under a microscope, 1894
Human hair seen through a microscope, 1931
Healthy hair bulb, 1931
Transverse hair sections, 1931
Red hair, 1931
Hair in old age, 1931
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Healthy hair bulb, 1931
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Laboratory Views

Healthy hair bulb, 1931
John Glaister Jr., M.D., A study of hairs and wools belonging to the mammalian group of animals, including a special study of human hair, considered from the medico-legal aspects, Cairo, Egypt
National Library of Medicine