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Students examine the health impacts of disasters and consider the critical role health information plays in disaster preparedness.

Educators are welcome to adapt these resources to their students' interests and desired learning outcomes.

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Health Education
Students explore the impact of disasters on health and information resources about disaster preparedness and safety.
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Bitten! Mosquito-Borne Disease & You

Mosquito bites can transmit germs that cause illnesses. Learn about common diseases that some mosquitoes carry and spread among people. Use the links to MedlinePlus health topic pages to access reliable health information about the research, treatment, and prevention of mosquito-borne diseases.
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The Power of Memory: Fighting Disease with Vaccines & Immunization

Immunization helps the body’s immune system develop protection against some infectious diseases. Discover how vaccines produce immunity to a disease by helping the immune system learn to recognize and fight the germ that causes the disease. Explore the links to MedlinePlus health topic pages and ClinicalTrials.gov for trusted information about immunization and vaccine research.