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The Exhibition Program at the National Library of Medicine

By creating exhibitions about the social and cultural history of science and medicine, we encourage visitors of all ages to learn more about themselves and their communities. These exhibitions and supportive resources engage diverse audiences and connect visitors to U.S. National Library of Medicine trusted health information resources.

About the Online Exhibition

Rashes to Research: Scientists and Parents Confront the 1964 Rubella Epidemic explores how experts and parents tried to limit rubella’s impact in the years before an effective vaccine nearly eliminated the disease from the United States.


  • Patricia Tuohy Head, Exhibition Program
  • Jiwon Kim Exhibition Educator
  • Carrissa Lindmark Pathways Intern
  • Jane Markowitz Traveling Services Coordinator
  • Erika Mills Community Outreach Coordinator
  • Tannaz Motevalli Exhibition Coordinator
  • Jill L. Newmark Exhibition Registrar


  • Ashley Bowen, PhD Guest Curator Mellon/ACLS Public Fellow Science History Institute

Education Contributors

  • Ashley Bowen, PhD Science History Institute
  • Leslie J. Reagan, PhD University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana

Creative Services

  • HealyKohler Design Exhibition Design
  • Link Studio Website Design & Development

Special Acknowledgements

History of Medicine Division

  • Jeffrey Reznick, PhD Chief, History of Medicine Division
  • Kenneth Koyle Deputy Chief
  • Steven Dunne Web Programs
  • Sarah Eilers Historic Audiovisuals
  • Lindsay Franz Library Systems
  • Holly Herro Rare Books and Early Manuscripts
  • Elizabeth Mullen Web Programs
  • Ginny Roth Images and Archives
  • Krista Stracka Rare Books and Early Manuscripts
  • Kristi Wright Rare Books and Early Manuscripts

Office of Computer and Communication Systems

  • Wei Ma Chief, Applications Branch
  • Winston Churchill E-Library Support
  • Joe Potvin E-Library Support

Special Thanks

The U.S. National Library of Medicine expresses thanks to the Office of Vaccines Research and Review, U.S. Food and Drug Administration for review of the text for the special display Rashes to Research: The Division of Biologics Standards’ Impossible Role, which can be seen in the online Digital Gallery.