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Explore how citizens have confronted lead industries, housing authorities, and elected officials to protect their health against the dangers of lead poisoning.

A white woman tests an African American girl for lead poisoning while another white woman looks on
A white woman speaks to a roomful of people
A sign saying that motor fuel contains lead
A portrait of a white woman
A page of book text
Two white men in a factory
Four white men work in a factory
Portrait of a white man
Portrait of a white man
A white man does an experiment outdoors
Three gas pumps
Three white children play with toys while a white woman looks on
An illustration of a white boy riding a wooden horse with the word “lead” on it and holding a paintbrush
An illustration of a white woman, boy, and man
All illustration of lead-based items and text
An advertisement with an image of a battery and text
A page of book text
A newspaper page with a picture of an African American boy and another picture of African American children.
A group portrait of African Americans.
A roomful of people listens to an African American man sing and play guitar
An African American man tests a child for lead poisoning.
An African American woman holds a child.
A book cover with a house and text
A book cover with text and an anthropomorphized wall with a sinister expression