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Preliminary incision, 1910
Skull showing blunt force hammer trauma, 1950s
Skull showing ball-peen hammer trauma, 1950s
Skull showing gun shot trauma Male profile, 1950s
Skull showing keyhole gunshot trauma, about 1861-1865
Skull showing sword-blade trauma, 1903
Suicide by Hanging, 1898
British postmortem instrument kit, London; Manufacturer: Coxeter & Co., about 1860
Murder the Result of Various Injuries, 1898
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Preliminary incision, 1910
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Upon a View of the Body

Preliminary incision, 1910
"Fig. 5: Reflexion of Thoracic Coverings: Take up a position on the right side of the body. The head of the corpse should be extended and the chin steadied with the left hand. Grasping the post-mortem knife firmly in the palm of the right hand and cutting with the belly, not the point, of the knife, make a median incision from the chin to the pubes."
Charles Richard Box, M.D., Post-mortem Manual: A Handbook of Morbid Anatomy and Post-mortem Technique, London
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