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Preliminary incision, 1910
Skull showing blunt force hammer trauma, 1950s
Skull showing ball-peen hammer trauma, 1950s
Skull showing gun shot trauma Male profile, 1950s
Skull showing keyhole gunshot trauma, about 1861-1865
Skull showing sword-blade trauma, 1903
Suicide by Hanging, 1898
British postmortem instrument kit, London; Manufacturer: Coxeter & Co., about 1860
Murder the Result of Various Injuries, 1898
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Suicide by Hanging, 1898
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Upon a View of the Body

Suicide by Hanging, 1898
In atlases and manuals of legal medicine, 19th-century forensic pathologists used pictures and words to show students and colleagues their methodology—a precise inventorying of the condition of the victim's body. The chromolithograph, which could render coloration, texture and subtle shading, was particularly well suited to the task.
Eduard Ritter von Hofmann, M.D., Atlas of Legal Medicine, Philadelphia, chromolithograph; Artist A. Schmitson
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