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Dynamic Detective, July 1937
Sherlock Holmes working with chemical apparatus, 1892
A True Relation of a Barbarous Bloody Murther… , London, 1688s
W. E. Bigelow, An Exposé of the Evidence in the Case of the Parkman Murder, Boston, 1850
The Poison Fiend; Life and Conviction of Lydia Sherman… for Poisoning Three Husbands and Eight of Her Children… , Philadelphia, 1873
National Police Gazette, June 15, 1889
Douglas G. Browne and E. V. Tullett, Bernard Spilsbury: His Life and Cases, London, 1951, reprint 1983
Sydney Smith, Mostly Murder, London, 1959
H. W. Twyman, "White Crystals at the Blue Anchor," Dynamic Detective, July 1937
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National Police Gazette, June 15, 1889
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Riding the Forensic Wave

National Police Gazette, June 15, 1889
Nineteenth-century popular illustrated weeklies like the National Police Gazette featured lurid pictures and stories of violent crime.
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