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Several pictures of doctors who are featured on the Local Legends web site

MEET LOCAL LEGENDS: By Medical Specialty


State/Congressional Nominator Medical Specialty Audio/Video Clips
Photo of Marilyn K. Glassberg, M.D.

Marilyn K. Glassberg, M.D.

"Leading researcher of lung disorders in women"

"I was curious. My father was a physician, my mother a nurse who didn't go to medical school because it was the 1940s—and told me never to be a nurse."
Internal Medicine

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Photo of Mary Pauline Fox, M.D.

Mary Pauline Fox, M.D.

"Unwavering commitment to superb medical care"

"I was nine years old-as surveys show, the 'normal' age for deciding when to be a doctor-when it hit me. Don't ask me why, but it did. With my grandmother's help, I saved my pennies until I could buy Dorland's Medical Dictionary and Gray's Anatomy from a chiropractor's widow. Then I trudged a mile-and-a-half home with them!"
Internal Medicine

Photo of Mildred Reardon, M.D.

Mildred Reardon, M.D.

"Tireless advocate for health care for all Vermonters"

"From the beginning, I had a strong desire to help people and a great interest in science. During a work-study program in college, I was able to accompany resident doctors on their rounds at the Leahy Clinic. And that's what did it!"
Internal Medicine

Photo of Molly Carnes, M.D.

Molly Carnes, M.D.

"...creating a symphony of healthy changes"

"I wanted to see more women in academic medicine and, as a geriatrician I was concerned that the health and health care needs of the older women were being neglected in the growing dialogue around women's health."
Internal Medicine

Photo of Nancy A. Ellerbroek, M.D.

Nancy A. Ellerbroek, M.D.

"Leading Educator and Director of Radiation Oncology"

"With radiation oncology you can really help a lot of people. Cancer survivors need special care and special follow up. It's a great feeling to see people for follow up when things are going well."
Internal Medicine

Photo of Nancy Mills, M.D.

Nancy Mills, M.D.

"Compassionate healer and advocate for women's health"

"I chose to become a physician because I had always felt it was a way I could connect with people and assist them with their health care issues."
Internal Medicine
New York

Photo of Patricia F. Walker, M.D.

Patricia F. Walker, M.D.


"I'll always be grateful that I've had the privilege of being a health provider for immigrants. I've worked in refugee camps and I've heard their stories. I've learned so much from my patients. To be able to help take care of a family of immigrants will always be special for me."
Internal Medicine

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