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Several pictures of doctors who are featured on the Local Legends web site

MEET LOCAL LEGENDS: By Medical Specialty


State/Congressional Nominator Medical Specialty Audio/Video Clips
Photo of Melissa A. Warfield, M.D.

Melissa A. Warfield, M.D.

"A builder of children, children's hospitals and physicians..."

"There is no better example of a physician, male or female, who always fought the good fight, not for the sake of personal gain, but for the sake of sick and dying children."

Photo of Paula M. Verrette, M.D.

Paula M. Verrette, M.D.

"Leader in the Fight against Childhood Asthma and Obesity"

"I grew up in a large family with no health insurance. Now I have a chance to give back. I do what I do because I see the future in the eyes of each child I treat."

Photo of Ruth Long, M.D.

Ruth Long, M.D.

"Caring pediatrician committed to community and family"

"For me, medicine was the perfect combination of science and service. Early on, I knew I would be in the sciences but it wasn't until I was in college that I decided on a life of helping people as a doctor."

Photo of Sara Finley, M.D.

Sara Finley, M.D.

"Groundbreaking medical genetics researcher"

"I can't say… From first grade on, I wanted to be a woman doctor. And there were no doctors in my family, nor had I ever seen a female physician…"

Photo of Sharon L. Hostler, M.D.

Sharon L. Hostler, M.D.

"Role Model for Women in Medicine"

"My patients, the kids, never fail to inspire me with their tremendous courage and determination in the face of severe disabilities. They give much more than we can give them."

Photo of Theresa Ann Schlager, M.D.

Theresa Ann Schlager, M.D.

"Leader in Treatment of Pediatric Infectious Disease"

"My goal is to increase the understanding of neurogenic bladder in children with spina bifida. There still is no cure for spina bifida, but it's a real privilege to work with these families and see their courage"

Photo of Muriel Isolde Kaiser-Kupfer, M.D.

Muriel Isolde Kaiser-Kupfer, M.D.

"One of the world's great eye researchers"

"I have followed some of my patients for as long as 25 years and been able to observe the results of my scientific work firsthand. More importantly, I have developed a real love and affection for them."
Pediatrics, Ophthalmology

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