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Several pictures of doctors who are featured on the Local Legends web site

MEET LOCAL LEGENDS: By Medical Specialty


State/Congressional Nominator Medical Specialty Audio/Video Clips
Photo of Sandral Hullet, M.D.

Sandral Hullet, M.D.

"A caring, dedicated country doctor"

"I enjoy helping and making a difference in people's lives, if I can."
Family Medicine

Photo of Tammie Bassford, M.D.

Tammie Bassford, M.D.

"Renowned in Family Medicine and Education"

"I enjoy family medicine. You are at the intersection of science, medicine, and families and there is a real excitement in caring for a person. I wanted to be a doctor since I was in the second grade. I owe a lot to my parents for listening to me and caring about what I said way back then, and then encouraging me."
Family Medicine

Photo of A. Janelle Goetcheus, M.D.

A. Janelle Goetcheus, M.D.

"The Mother Teresa of Washington DC"

"I still feel sadness from seeing so much unnecessary suffering… This country still needs to make a much more fundamental commitment to care for all its people."
Family Practice
District of Columbia

View Video of A. Janelle Goetcheus
[1 min, 45 sec]
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Photo of Ann Jobe, M.D.

Ann Jobe, M.D.

"Passionate, patient-centered health care reformer"

"A major motivator was my concern that too often patients were not included as a central core of their own health care team, so I decided I would be willing to pursue seven additional years of medical education and residency to become a part of the a doctor."
Family Practice

Photo of Carolyn Lopez, M.D.

Carolyn Lopez, M.D.

"Leader in Family Health Care for Minorities "

"I remember going to a health fair at a school that was predominantly Hispanic, and one kid told me, 'I look at you and see that your skin is the same color as mine. If you made it I can make it too.' A lot of times we don't even realizing that we're sending a message and serving as both a symbol and a family physician"
Family Practice

Photo of Janice F. Gable, M.D.

Janice F. Gable, M.D.

"…A Tackle Box of Medicine and a will of iron"

"Christ, Kennedy and Albert Schweitzer got me going in this direction. When I found out what was really in this direction, my stubbornness kept me here."
Family Practice

View Video of Janice F. Gable
[3 min, 5 sec]
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Photo of Lani Graham, M.D.

Lani Graham, M.D.

"Public health champion for the underserved!"

"I wanted to do something of service to others which, at the same time, would be constantly challenging and useful wherever I happened to be. I ultimately chose medicine because I thought I might spend more time in developing nations, but that wasn't the way it went."
Family Practice

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