Module 4: MeSH Search Techniques for Special Queries

Specialized Searches

Funding Sources

PubMed includes a grant number search field that you can use to search with research grant numbers, contract numbers, or both that designate financial support by agencies of the US PHS (Public Health Service), and other national or international funding sources.

The four parts of the grant data are:

  1. Number (e.g., LM05545)
  2. PHS 2-character grant abbreviation (e.g., LM)
  3. Institute acronym (e.g., NLM NIH HHS)
  4. Country (e.g., United States)

Each individual grant part can be searched using [gr] (e.g., NIH[gr]).

For more information about searching PubMed with grant numbers, review the section in the PubMed User Guide .