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2006 JULY–AUGUST; 351
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July 17, 2006 [posted]

MLA 2006:
NLM® Update PowerPoint® Presentations

NLM Online Users' Meeting
Meeting Remarks - David Gillikin, Head, MEDLARS Management Section
PowerPoint® Presentations for Meeting Remarks, MedlinePlus® and DOCLINE®
Questions and Answers
NLM Theater PowerPoint® Presentations
dotNLM Update PowerPoint® Presentations

t he NLM Update was held at the Annual Meeting of the Medical Library Association in Phoenix, AZ, on May 23, 2006. There were three presentations given at this year's update. Dr. Donald A.B. Lindberg, Director, brought users up-to-date on some of the Library's programs as well as future plans; Angela Ruffin, Head, National Network Office, gave an update on NN/LM activities; and Becky Lyon, Deputy Associate Director, Library Operations, gave the Library Operations update.

Angela Ruffin's and Becky Lyon's PowerPoint presentations are available as one file. Please forward to slide 22 for the Library Operations update. No PowerPoint presentation is available for Dr. Lindberg's update.

These presentations were created in Microsoft® PowerPoint. If you do not have PowerPoint, you can download the Microsoft Office PowerPoint viewer.

MLA 2006: NLM® Update PowerPoint® Presentations. NLM Tech Bull. 2006 Jul-Aug;(351):e3e.

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