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2006 JULY–AUGUST; 351
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July 17, 2006 [posted]
January 30, 2007 [Editor's note added]

MLA 2006:
Meeting Remarks

NLM Online Users' Meeting
dot Meeting Remarks - David Gillikin, Head, MEDLARS Management Section
PowerPoint® Presentations for Meeting Remarks, MedlinePlus®, DOCLINE® and MeSH®
Questions and Answers
NLM Theater PowerPoint® Presentations
NLM Update PowerPoint® Presentations

[Editor's note: These are remarks made by David Gillikin, Head, MEDLARS Management Section, National Library of Medicine at the Annual Meeting of the Medical Library Association in Phoenix, AZ on May 22, 2006. The accompanying PowerPoint® presentation is available.]

g ood Morning. I'm David Gillikin and it is my pleasure to welcome you to the NLM Online Users' Meeting. I will be talking about changes and new features to various NLM products and services such as MEDLINE®, PubMed®, PubMed Central®, NLM Catalog, and the NLM Gateway, as well as other areas such as indexing. We will begin with Dr. Stuart Nelson, Head of the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH®) Section, who will talk about the Subheading Reduction proposal [Editor's Note: See decision]. Joyce Backus, Head of Reference and Web Services, will talk about MedlinePlus®, and Maria Collins from the Collection Access Section will speak about DOCLINE®. I will follow with the NLM Online update. We'll take your questions after all of the presentations are finished.

NLM Online Update 2006


In 2006, NLM is celebrating a series of milestones:

170 years The Library of the Surgeon General established, 1836
50 years National Library of Medicine Act, Public Law 84-941, 1956
40 years Specialized Information Services Division (SIS), NLM, 1966
35 years MEDLINE, 1971
21 years DOCLINE, 1985
10 years PubMed, 1996 (available for free in 1997)

In addition to these historic milestones, there have been several other significant changes at NLM involving personnel. The following individuals have or are about to retire. In March, Eve-Marie Lacroix, Chief of the Public Services Division retired after 21 years of service. Of her many accomplishments, MedlinePlus stands out as a major achievement in providing extensive health care information to the public. After 15 years, Marj Cahn, Head of National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology (NICHSR) retired in April. She had been the driving force behind NICHSR and the services and information provided by it. And in June, Carolyn Tilley will retire after an amazing 41 years of service. Currently serving as the Library Operations UMLS Coordinator, Ms. Tilley led the MEDLARS Management Section (MMS) for many years. Her dedication, especially to customer service for MEDLINE, had been a significant part of MMS and NLM for many years.


The Index Section continues to set its own milestones. FY2005 saw over 606,000 citations indexed, the highest ever indexing rate achieved. So far in FY2006, over 301,000 citations have been indexed in the first 6 months, a rate even greater than last year. The creation of gene indexing links also grew in FY2005 with over 45,000 links created, compared to 33,444 created in the previous year. And in FY2005, over 80% of the MEDLINE citations are supplied electronically by publishers.

Additional events for Index Section included:

NLM Gateway

The NLM Gateway added access to seven new collections this year:


The focus of OLDMEDLINE work has been on mapping OLDMEDLINE keywords to current MeSH. With this project, 70% of the OLDMEDLINE citations have been mapped completely (over 1.2 million citations), while 22% of the citations are in process, with one or more keywords having been mapped. That leaves 8% of the OLDMEDLINE citations that have yet to have any keywords mapped to current MeSH. No new OLDMEDLINE citations are currently being added to the system due to budgetary constraints.


The number of citations in PubMed has surpassed 16.4 million records. The number of MEDLINE records is over 13.8 million and expected to pass 14 million by July 2006. MEDLINE records compose 85% of the PubMed data. In-process records (citations not yet indexed) are 1.4% of the PubMed total, while OLDMEDLINE records are 10.8%. PubMed-only records (items that are not indexed with MeSH) are 2.8% of the PubMed total.

PubMed usage continues to grow. From March 2005 to March 2006, the number of searches by unique IP address rose from nearly seven million to nearly 9.8 million unique IPs. The total number of searches went from 68 million to over 82 million searches. And during this time period, the number of page views displayed went from 294 million to over 377 million.

There have been numerous enhancements to PubMed this year. Among them are:


The use of LinkOut has also increased, with 5,144 journals having LinkOut links. For PubMed citations, 35.1% have full text links and 7.9% have free full text links. These percentages are much higher for PubMed citations from 1999 on: 80.8% have full text links, and 16.3% have free full text links. The usage of LinkOut has increased over 20% from last year. There are now 24 million LinkOut hits per month, which is an astonishing one million LinkOut hits per work day.

The LinkOut for Libraries program has also seen an increase in participation. There are now:

The LinkOut Submission Utility is undergoing a complete redesign to improve layout and add more functions. This work will combine the management of LinkOut, Outside Tool and Document Delivery Service.

PubMed Central

The use of full text articles in PubMed Central has increased. In April 2006, the number of unique IPs searching PMC for one month topped two million for the first time. As of the first of May, 246 journals are participating in PMC, up from 184 from last year. PMC now covers over 675,000 articles.


Between January 2005 and April 2006, over 1211 users participated in NLM training courses throughout the country, covering PubMed, NLM Gateway,, TOXNET®, and the UMLS®. Other training related activities include:

NLM Technical Bulletin

Several new features were added to the NLM Technical Bulletin in the past year:

NLM Technical Services

In January 2006, changes to Voyager allowed data to display in vernacular (non-Roman) characters. This functionality allows a user with the correct keyboard facilities to search records using vernacular characters. NLM's catalog includes over 4,000 records in the database in Japanese and Chinese vernacular characters.

The 2006 edition of the NLM Classification was made available online in April 2006. The classification incorporated changes from April 2005 to March 2006. An online tutorial for searching the NLM Classification was also made available to users.

A new Authority Index feature has been added to the NLM Catalog on Entrez. This new feature provides an index of full author names, organizations, and conference names, as well as series titles, associated with the bibliographic records. Three new Quick Tours for searching author names, corporate/conference names, and series title have also been made provided.

Data Distribution

The Data Distribution Program continues to grow with research areas in academics, biotechnology, and software development companies leading the way. There were over 350 MEDLINE licensees in FY2005, which is a 14% increase from the previous year. Of these licensees, 118 were non-USA licensees, a growth of 26% from the previous year.

Unified Medical Language System® (UMLS® )

There were three UMLS releases in 2005, and four releases are planned for 2006. The first 2006 release happened in February, and the second release occurred May 10, 2006. In addition to these releases, the MetamorphoSys software continues to be enhanced, improving functionality and usability.


DailyMed is a new Web site providing high quality information about marketed drugs. The available information includes the FDA approved labels (package inserts) provided by the drug manufacturers.

Health Sciences Libraries Information Rx Tool Kit

The Information Rx Tool Kit has been redesigned and reorganized for easier use. The site is now called the Health Sciences Libraries Information Rx Tool Kit, and provides a step-by-step guide to assist librarians with outreach activities.

Specialized Information Services (SIS)

Specialized Information Services (SIS) has also had a productive and busy year with a number of updates, changes, and new products:

MLA 2006: NLM® Online Users' Meeting 2006: Meeting Remarks. NLM Tech Bull. 2006 Jul-Aug;(351):e3a.

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