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2011 JULY–AUGUST No. 381
August 15, 2011 [posted]

New United Kingdom Granting Organizations for MEDLINE/PubMed

Effective August 2011, eight new granting organizations from United Kingdom have been added for the Grant Number (GR) field in MEDLINE®/PubMed®:

Grant information for these new organizations is added to citations based only on information reported in the UK PubMed Central Submission System (UKPMC+). These organizations joined the UKPMC Funders group in July 2011.

PubMed Display

Grant number is displayed first, followed by the organization name, and then the country name.

Examples of how the new grant support information looks in PubMed (Abstract display):
G1234/Action on Hearing Loss/United Kingdom
CTR-Q1-Y2/Breakthrough Breast Cancer/United Kingdom
R93/1108/The Dunhill Medical Trust/United Kingdom
MCCC-RI-09-07/Marie Curie Cancer Care/United Kingdom
E-2-6501/Motor Neurone Disease Association/United Kingdom
940/Multiple Sclerosis Society/United Kingdom
ABC1234/Myrovlytis Trust/United Kingdom
F-0608/Parkinson’s UK/United Kingdom

Note: The above examples do not list all possible formats of grant numbers of an agency.

Searching Details

Grant information from these new granting organizations can be searched using the following:

  1. Grant number to retrieve citations with a specific grant, for example:

    f-0608 [gr]

  2. The full organization name or pieces of the name to retrieve citations with grants from a specific granting organization, for example:

    parkinson’s uk [gr]
    motor [gr]

  3. The country name to retrieve all citations with grants for granting organizations from a specific country, for example:

    united kingdom [gr]

Comprehensive searching for a grant number can be more complicated because the information is not necessarily reported in a standardized format. Include the country name or the organization name in the search to be sure that the results are for the correct organization of interest, especially if searching only on a number string, e.g.:

F-0608 [gr] AND united kingdom [gr]

Publication Type (PT) Searching

The corresponding research support Publication Type (PT) for these new organizations is Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't. NLM adds this PT based on the information found in the published journal article. If the grant information comes only from a manuscript deposited in PMC and the grant is not mentioned in the article, then the PT will not be added to the citation. The recommended PubMed search for non-U.S. Government funded research now is:

research support, non-u.s. gov't [pt] OR united kingdom [gr] OR canada [gr] OR austria [gr] OR ireland [gr] OR italy [gr]

Be aware that grant numbers, along with the corresponding research support Publication Types, can appear on in process records.

By Y. Kathy Kwan
National Center for Biotechnology Information

Kwan YK. New United Kingdom Granting Organizations for MEDLINE/PubMed. NLM Tech Bull. 2011 Jul-Aug;(381):e12.

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