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2011 JULY–AUGUST No. 381
July 22, 2011 [posted]
July 25, 2011 [Editor's note added]

PubMed, MeSH & NLM Catalog Search Boxes Modified

[Editor’s note: These changes were implemented on July 25, 2011.]

The PubMed®, MeSH®, and NLM® Catalog search boxes have been slightly restructured to provide a presentable display for users working with non-standard system fonts. The search box will also now resize when viewed in a wide browser window (see Figure 1).

The Limits, Advanced (link name changed from Advanced search), RSS, Save search and Help links have been moved under the search box, and the Clear button was replaced with a clear X image image of a clear x (see Figure 2).

The Advanced search page was also modified and includes a larger search box to accommodate complex searches better (see Figure 3). The ability to open and close the Advanced page sections was removed.

By Kathi Canese
National Center for Biotechnology Information

Canese K. PubMed, MeSH & NLM Catalog Search Boxes Modified. NLM Tech Bull. 2011 Jul-Aug;(381):e9.

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