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February 23, 2009 [posted]

NIH MedlinePlus® the Magazine and NIH MedlinePlus Salud Now Available in Online Versions

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I n February 2009, MedlinePlus introduced an improved online version of NIH MedlinePlus the Magazine and the new companion magazine NIH MedlinePlus Salud. NIH MedlinePlus the Magazine is a publication of the Friends of the National Library of Medicine (FNLM) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The National Alliance for Hispanic Health collaborates with FNLM and NIH on the bilingual NIH MedlinePlus Salud.

NIH MedlinePlus the Magazine is a quarterly publication that debuted with the Summer 2006 issue. In the online version, each of the eleven magazine issues published to date has a table of contents that links to a separate Web page for each article. The articles contain the same information and illustrations as the printed version. In addition, users are able to navigate to other Web sites mentioned in the articles. The premier issue of NIH MedlinePlus Salud, Winter 2009, available in print and online, is organized in the same way. Each article is available in Spanish and English. See the press announcement for additional information about NIH MedlinePlus Salud.

Magazine articles are retrievable via a MedlinePlus search and appear in a distinct collection in the search results. They also appear on MedlinePlus health topic pages under the category "MedlinePlus Magazine."

By Naomi Miller
Public Services Division
Jennifer Jentsch
Public Services Division

Miller N, Jentsch J. NIH MedlinePlus® the Magazine Now Available in Online Versions. NLM Tech Bull. 2009 Jan-Feb;(366):e13.

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