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National Library of Medicine Technical BulletinNational Library of Medicine Technical Bulletin

Table of Contents: 2012 JANUARY–FEBRUARY No. 384

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New Look for the NLM Technical Bulletin

New Look for the NLM Technical Bulletin. NLM Tech Bull. 2012 Jan-Feb;(384):e3.

2012 January 09 [posted]

The NLM Technical Bulletin has a new look. The design may be different but you’ll find the same useful information about new and existing NLM products and services.

Current Issue Homepage

The redesigned homepage is divided into five sections (see Figure 1):

image of the number oneArticles – detailed, new, and useful information for searching NLM systems
image of the number oneIn Brief – short informative articles that do not require in-depth explanation
image of the number oneUpdated Web Resources – link directly to recently updated Web pages relevant to searching and NLM data
image of the number oneNLM News Announcements – topics selected especially for NLM Technical Bulletin readers
image of the number oneMost Popular – the three top articles you, our readers, are reading
Screen capture of Redesigned TB current issue homepage page.
Figure 1: Redesigned NLM Technical Bulletin current issue homepage.


All articles published since 1979 can be found in the two separate online indexes. In addition, articles published about PubMed, Environmental Health & Toxicology, and the Unified Medical Language System are grouped together by topic (see Figure 2).

Screen capture of  Indexes and articles about PubMed, Environmental Health & Toxicology, and Unified Medical Language System.
Figure 2: Indexes and articles about PubMed, Environmental Health & Toxicology, and Unified Medical Language System.

Stay Current

Be alerted when a new NLM Technical Bulletin article is published (see Figure 3):

  • E-mail updates - Receive a once daily e-mail alert if an article is published or updated
  • RSS – Receive a feed for the Technical Bulletin as well as the NLM Web site
  • NLM-Announces - Join this e-mail list to receive a weekly notification of new or recently added content on the NLM Web site including NLM Technical Bulletin articles
Screen capture of  Stay current.
Figure 3: Stay current.

Articles published in the Technical Bulletin are not copyrighted and are freely reproducible. Questions or comments may be sent to NLM Customer Service.

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