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National Library of Medicine Technical BulletinNational Library of Medicine Technical Bulletin

Table of Contents: 2013 JANUARY–FEBRUARY No. 390

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PubMed History and Search Bar Updates

Canese K. PubMed History and Search Bar Updates. NLM Tech Bull. 2013 Jan-Feb;(390):e1.

2013 January 29 [posted]
2013 February 06 [Editor's note added]

[Editor's note: These changes were implemented in PubMed on February 6, 2013.]

A Download history link will be added to the PubMed, MeSH and NLM Catalog Advanced page History feature (see Figure 1).

Screen capture of PubMed Advanced History with a Download history link
Figure 1: PubMed Advanced History with a "Download history" link.

Click the "Download history" link to generate your History entries in the file "history.csv." Please note that Microsoft® Excel® is typically unable to display or print more than a maximum of 1024 characters in a cell; therefore, users with long queries may want to open the CSV file with a text editor to display the complete searches.

The search bar will be updated to list up to the last four databases searched at the top of the pull-down database menu (see Figure 2). The alphabetic list with all the databases will also include the recently searched databases.

Screen capture of citationcontext menu.
Figure 2: Modified NCBI database menu.

By Kathi Canese
National Center for Biotechnology Information

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