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National Library of Medicine Technical BulletinNational Library of Medicine Technical Bulletin

Table of Contents: 2021 JANUARY–FEBRUARY No. 438

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List of Serials Indexed for Online Users, 2021 Available in XML

Baldinger E. List of Serials Indexed for Online Users, 2021 Available in XML. NLM Tech Bull. 2021 Jan-Feb;(438):e4.

2021 February 18 [posted]

The List of Serials Indexed for Online Users (LSIOU), 2021 edition, is now available in XML format. The 2021 edition contains 15,291 serial titles, including 5,267 titles currently indexed for MEDLINE as well as titles indexed over time that have ceased or changed titles. The titles are listed alphabetically by the journal title abbreviation.

Changes to the NLM Serials DTD

There are two changes to the 2021 Serials DTD.

The element ISOAbbreviation was removed (see ISO TA Element Removed from NLM Files for more information).

A new element, NLMWORKID, was added to the DTD. In the coming year NLM plans to move to a model of separate descriptions for each format of a resource as required by current cataloging rules. This will replace NLM’s current practice of creating one bibliographic record to encompass all formats of a work or title (e.g., print, online, microfilm, motion picture, videocassette, etc.). When the records are split, the NLMWORKID will be associated with the multiple NLM UIs that represent the same intellectual work. For now, NLMWORKID will be the same as the NLMUniqueID (NLMUI).

By Esther Baldinger
Library Technology Services Section

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