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National Library of Medicine Technical BulletinNational Library of Medicine Technical Bulletin

Table of Contents: 2023 JANUARY–FEBRUARY No. 450

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RxNorm January 2023 Monthly Release

RxNorm January 2023 Monthly Release. NLM Tech Bull. 2023 Jan-Feb;(450):b1.

2023 January 03 [posted]

The RxNorm January 2023 monthly release became available on Tuesday, January 3, 2022 and includes a separate RxNorm Concept Unique Identifier (RXCUI) of 2621572 for the Humalog Tempo Pen insulin product with sensor.


Humalog Tempo Pen with Sensor Gets Separate RXCUI 2621572

The Humalog Tempo Pen insulin product with sensor was split from RXCUI 1652640 into a separate concept with RXCUI 2621572. The new concept uses the Qualitative Distinction modifier "Sensor" to differentiate this insulin product from others. The previous concept RXCUI 1652640 still exists for appropriate insulin products without a sensor.

Here is the new RxNorm concept for Humalog Tempo Pen with sensor:

2621572 SBD Sensor 3 ML insulin lispro 100 UNT/ML Pen Injector [Humalog]

As a reminder, Qualitative Distinction modifiers allow flexibility in the RxNorm model to create new RXCUIs as needed. See the RxNorm Technical Documentation for more information about Qualitative Distinction (QD) modifiers, which were first released in the August 2016 monthly release. For each SCD or SBD with a QD, there is an associated attribute in RXNSAT with the attribute name (ATN) of 'RXN_QUALITATIVE_DISTINCTION'.


RxNorm 2023 Monthly Release Schedule

The full RxNorm data set is released on the first Monday of each month on the RxNorm Files page:

During months when the first Monday is a federal holiday, RxNorm is released on Tuesday.

The monthly release schedule for 2023 is:

Date Day
January 3 Tuesday
February 6 Monday
March 6 Monday
April 3 Monday
May 1 Monday
June 5 Monday
July 3 Monday
August 7 Monday
September 5 Tuesday
October 2 Monday
November 6 Monday
December 4 Monday
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