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National Library of Medicine Technical BulletinNational Library of Medicine Technical Bulletin

Table of Contents: 2024 JANUARY–FEBRUARY No. 456

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Sequence Read Archive (SRA) Reprocessed Data

Sequence Read Archive (SRA) Reprocessed Data. NLM Tech Bull. 2024 Jan-Feb;(456):e3.

2024 January 31 [posted]

Recently, SRA staff identified and fixed a technical error in submission processing that affected approximately 2,289 submitted records between April and December 2023. Because of this processing issue, the sequence information released for those affected submissions was corrupted.

Impact to Users

Below is a list of all affected submitted records, and the subset of those identified as downloaded by users is also separately listed. If you downloaded SRA records during this period, consider cross-checking your downloads for any of these accession numbers.

Complete list of all affected submitted records.

Subset of affected submitted records downloaded by users:

SRR24174203 SRR23610437 SRR22444531 SRR22397619
SRR23993267 SRR23513672 SRR23995247 SRR23329154
SRR24675732 SRR23937782 SRR23329144 SRR23455313
SRR24225058 SRR23029135 SRR22398124 SRR21985538
SRR24437800 SRR23917363 SRR23193500 SRR22570624
SRR24326341 SRR24065776 SRR22710447 SRR22973783
SRR22564892 SRR22868734 SRR23724337 SRR22429905
SRR24324107 SRR23285857 SRR23379924 SRR22398243
SRR24189369 SRR23386657 SRR23995249 SRR23652601
SRR24437782 SRR23892396 SRR23255847 SRR22429901
SRR24174702 SRR23652599 SRR22906591 SRR23130246
SRR22564886 SRR22987515 SRR24018798 SRR23829533
SRR23868412 SRR23329147 SRR23957816 SRR23080372
SRR24466097 SRR23455386 SRR23080386 SRR22710456
SRR23080403 SRR23957838 SRR22314983 SRR23333189
SRR21882303 SRR23455377 SRR21982054 SRR23362555
SRR23050412 SRR23955736 SRR24035481 SRR23927903
SRR24163193 SRR22816085 SRR23931621 SRR23149276
SRR24163239 SRR22906577 SRR22398125 SRR23133737
SRR23584134 SRR23333194 SRR23707371 SRR22815049
SRR22956433 SRR22816084 SRR23048706 SRR23163052
SRR23956484 SRR23890187 SRR23217119 SRR23597729
SRR23646468 SRR23800729 SRR23148734 SRR23724329
SRR24324037 SRR22139569 SRR23274533 SRR22929438
SRR23919771 SRR22314976 SRR23379918 SRR22222845
SRR24163260 SRR22299267 SRR22398247 SRR23317073
SRR24466058 SRR22225360 SRR22938391 SRR23597744
SRR23868398 SRR22397635 SRR23332929 SRR23149264
SRR24465963 SRR23868411 SRR22586543 SRR23362651
SRR24635297 SRR23868022 SRR23316581 SRR23455306
SRR23455343 SRR22341327 SRR23051648 SRR23335517
SRR23597788 SRR24057980 SRR22815046 SRR23098199
SRR23597787 SRR23686493 SRR22195283 SRR22222850
SRR24154613 SRR23886412 SRR23362630 SRR22196463
SRR22906579 SRR23458994 SRR22324420 SRR22299945
SRR21986341 SRR23802902 SRR22557996 SRR22314968
SRR24324118 SRR22225369 SRR23291893 SRR22299270
SRR24154621 SRR23652622 SRR23255839 SRR22868723
SRR23829528 SRR22558005 SRR23317079 SRR22580998
SRR23329155 SRR22398225 SRR22000414 SRR23291880
SRR24507318 SRR23322081 SRR22397629 SRR21982772
SRR22107975 SRR22815050 SRR23362552 SRR22024960
SRR23566477 SRR23558451 SRR23148377 SRR13362843
SRR23498757 SRR23937795 SRR23362623 SRR23078133
SRR23652638 SRR24016459 SRR23476192 SRR22263753
SRR22179822 SRR23132835 SRR22734931 SRR22222851
SRR24225059 SRR23927917 SRR21985568 SRR23335521
SRR22281747 SRR23652582 SRR22975288 SRR22007367
SRR23386652 SRR22273129 SRR23149257
SRR21985513 SRR23652628 SRR23335514

Subset of affected bioprojects downloaded by users:

PRJNA288601 with 197 affected submitted records
PRJNA720050 with 1 affected submitted records

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