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Table of Contents: 2016 MARCH–APRIL No. 409

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List of Serials Indexed for Online Users, 2016 Available in XML

Baldinger E. List of Serials Indexed for Online Users, 2016 Available in XML. NLM Tech Bull. 2016 Mar-Apr;(409):e2.

2016 March 31 [posted]

The List of Serials Indexed for Online Users (LSIOU), 2016 edition, is now available in XML format. The 2016 edition contains 14,974 serial titles, including 5,633 titles currently indexed for MEDLINE as well as titles indexed over time that have ceased or changed titles. The titles are listed alphabetically by the journal title abbreviation.

Changes to NLM Serials DTD

There are several changes to the 2016 Serials DTD. They are itemized in the Revisions Notes Section near the top of the DTD. The changes are described below:

  1. Removed the element ContinuationNotes. The data previously in ContinuationNotes are now in the new element GeneralNote and/or in the new element TitleRelated.
  2. Added the new element GeneralNote, which provides bibliographic data previously in Continuation Notes plus additional information previously not in the Serials XML. Data come from the MARC 500, 515, 525, 534, 546, 550. Data from the MARC 580$a are displayed in the GeneralNote attribute NoteType.
  3. Added the new element/envelope TitleRelated with its subelements Title, RecordID, and ISSN, the TitleRelated attribute TitleType, and RecordID attribute Source.
  • TitleRelated is an "envelope" element that has an attribute of TitleType and includes the existing elements Title and ISSN, and the new element RecordID. The TitleType attribute has the following valid values that are controlled by the DTD:
Absorbed | AbsorbedBy | AbsorbedInPart | AbsorbedInPartBy | Analytic | MergedTo | MergerOf | Other | Preceding | PrecedingInPart | Related | Reversion | Series | SeriesAuthority | SplitFrom | SplitTo | Succeeding | SucceedingInPart | SupersededBy | SupersededInPartBy | Supersedes | SupersedesInPart | Translated | Undetermined
  • RecordID has an attribute of Source. RecordID is a unique identifier for the related title. Source identifies the origin of the unique identifier; current possible values are:
  1. Example of the new 2016 Serials DTD elements in a record:
<Title>Annals of internal medicine</Title>
<GeneralNote>Vols. for 1935-60 include the 1st-13th Rheumatism review, 1932/33-1956/58.</GeneralNote>
<GeneralNote>Vol. 2-39 called also old ser. v. 7-44.</GeneralNote>
<GeneralNote>Part 2 of issues for May 1962-Nov. 1969 is numbered also as the journal's Supplement and is cataloged separately at NLM; for Nov. 1978?- called also "supplement."</GeneralNote>
<GeneralNote>Vols. for <2001-> issued by American College of Physicians--American Society of Internal Medicine.</GeneralNote>
<GeneralNote NoteType="LinkComplexNote">Absorbed, with May 20, 2008 issue: ACP journal club, as a section keeping its title and continuing its own volume numbering, i.e. vol. 148, no. 3.</GeneralNote>
<GeneralNote NoteType="LinkComplexNote">Has supplement: ACP journal club, 1991-94; which became an independent publication in 1995; absorbed as a regular feature, 20 May 2008-.</GeneralNote>
<GeneralNote NoteType="LinkComplexNote">Rheumatism review superseded by Rheumatism and arthritis, which is cataloged separately at NLM.</GeneralNote>
<TitleRelated TitleType="Supersedes">
<Title>Annals of clinical medicine</Title>
<RecordID Source="LC">sn 83002264</RecordID>
<RecordID Source="NLM">15020220R</RecordID>
<RecordID Source="OCLC">1481377</RecordID>
<ISSN IssnType="Undetermined">0095-9944</ISSN>

MEDLINE Journal List Searching Tips

  1. Tailored lists of indexed journals may be generated from the NLM Catalog. While the XML version of the LSIOU is a snapshot in time, the results of a search in the NLM Catalog provide a "real time" list for the LSIOU.
  • For a "real time" list for the LSIOU enter reportedmedline in the search box and click "Search."
  • For a list of only the currently indexed MEDLINE journals enter currentlyindexed in the search box and click "Search."

  1. Display and sort formats are selected from the results page:
  • From the Summary pull-down choose a display format (for example, the Journal display).
  • From the 20 per page pull-down choose the number of records per page (for example, 50 or 200).
  • From Sort by Title pull-down choose an appropriate sort (for example, Title or Title Abbreviation).

  1. To save the entire list as one document:
  • On the "Send to" pull-down, choose "File" as the destination, choose a format and sort order, and then click "Create File." Click "Save" in the File Download pop-up box. Provide your directory location and desired file name.

Additional information about journals indexed for MEDLINE can be found via the links from the MEDLINE/PubMed Resources Web page. This page includes a link to Journals Recently Accepted by NLM for Inclusion in MEDLINE, a list of titles selected by the Literature Selection Technical Review Committee (LSTRC) that meets three times per year in February, June, and October. Results from those meetings appear online about six weeks after each meeting, both on the Web page and in the NLM Catalog.

For additional details about searching the NLM Catalog, see NLM Catalog Quick Tours and Searching for Journals in the NLM Catalog.

By Esther Baldinger
Library Technology Services Section

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