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Table of Contents: 2018 MARCH–APRIL No. 421

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Eric Dishman to Deliver the 2018 Joseph Leiter NLM/MLA Lecture, May 9, 2018

Eric Dishman to Deliver the 2018 Joseph Leiter NLM/MLA Lecture, May 9, 2018. NLM Tech Bull. 2018 Mar-Apr;(421):e6.

2018 April 17 [posted]

Screen capture of Eric Dishman

Precision Communications for Precision Health: Challenges and Strategies for Reaching All of Us

Eric Dishman, director of the All of Us Research Program at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), will deliver the 2018 Joseph Leiter National Library of Medicine (NLM)/Medical Library Association (MLA) Lecture. The lecture is open to the public and will be recorded and broadcast live.

Date and time: Wednesday, May 9, 2018, at 1:30 pm (EDT)
Location: Lister Hill Auditorium, National Library of Medicine (Building 38A on the NIH Bethesda Campus)
Videocast: //

His topic will be, "Precision Communications for Precision Health: Challenges and Strategies for Reaching All of Us." He will also discuss the challenges and strategies around:

  • Meeting communities where they are (understanding their needs, concerns around research, meeting their literacy levels, etc.);
  • Widening the definition of precision health and conveying the fact that All of Us is more than a genomics program;
  • Ethics and logistics of targeting with marketing analytics; and
  • Balancing the promise, with the hype and vision, with the need for patience.

As director of All of Us, Dishman leads the agency’s efforts to build a national research program of one million or more US participants to advance precision medicine. Previously, he was an Intel Fellow and Vice President of the Health and Life Sciences Group at Intel Corporation, where he was responsible for driving global strategy, research and development, product and platform development, and policy initiatives for health and life science solutions. His organization focused on growth opportunities for Intel in health information technology, genomics and personalized medicine, consumer wellness, and care coordination technologies.

Dishman is widely recognized as a global leader in health care innovation with specific expertise in home and community-based technologies and services for chronic disease management and independent living. Trained as a social scientist, he is known for pioneering innovation techniques that incorporate anthropology, ethnography, and other social science methods into the development of new technologies. He also brings a unique personal perspective, as a cancer patient for 23 years—finally cured thanks to precision medicine—to drive a person-centric view of health care transformation.

The Joseph Leiter NLM/MLA Lecture was established in 1983 to stimulate intellectual liaison between the MLA and the NLM. Leiter was a major contributor in cancer research at the National Cancer Institute and a leader at NLM as a champion of medical librarians and an informatics pioneer. He served as NLM Associate Director for Library Operations from 1965 to 1983.

See Directions and Parking Directions for details about visiting NLM and the NIH campus. Sign language interpreters will be provided at the lecture.

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