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Table of Contents: 2019 MARCH–APRIL No. 427

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Health Disparities PubMed Special Query Updated

Health Disparities PubMed Special Query Updated. NLM Tech Bull. 2019 Mar-Apr;(427):b12.

2019 April 24 [posted]

In April 2019, the topic-specific PubMed Special Query, Health Disparities, was updated to include terms and resources on gender and sexual minorities. As of this update, the search retrieves over 230,000 citations. The search strategy uses MeSH headings to retrieve indexed citations, plus title and abstract words to obtain other unindexed citations. You may use additional features of PubMed to focus or expand your search.

To run the search, enter the following in the PubMed search box:

healthdisparities [sb]

Clicking on this link will also launch the search.

Health disparities refers to differences between groups of people. These differences can affect how frequently a disease affects a group, how many people get sick, or how often the disease causes death.

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