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Table of Contents: 2019 MARCH–APRIL No. 427

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My Bibliography Version 3.0

Hutcherson L. My Bibliography Version 3.0. NLM Tech Bull. 2019 Mar-Apr;(427):e6a.

2019 April 10 [posted]
2019 May 02 [Editor's note added]

[Editor's note: The new version was released on May 1, 2019.]

My Bibliography is an application developed by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) to help you organize citations to your publications and to assist eRA Commons users with managing publication or product compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy. My Bibliography version 3.0, the redesigned and rebuilt new version to be released soon, includes useful new tools and a streamlined interface that facilitates a workspace where you can quickly view your publications' compliance status, initiate submissions to the NIH Manuscript Submission system (NIHMS), and organize your publications and awards data using the new searching, filtering, and sorting options.


My Bibliography Interface

My Bibliography's streamlined interface displays options to manage citations, add citations, search, and sort at the top of the page (see Figure 1). The unique URL to share your bibliography with others is also found at the top of the page.


Header of My Bibliography page
Figure 1: My Bibliography interface offers options to Manage citations (A), Add citations (B), Search citations (C), Sort citations (D), and the unique URL to share your citations (E).

Adding Citations

There are three options to add author-specific article citations: using the My Bibliography citation search tool to find citations in PubMed, uploading citations from a file, or using My Bibliography templates to create citations manually.


Adding Citations from PubMed

Click "Add citations." Select "From PubMed" to open the My Bibliography search tool (see Figure 2).

To add citations from PubMed to your list, choose "From PubMed"
Figure 2: Add citations from PubMed

In the search tool, enter an author full name, last name and initials, article title, article DOI, or PubMed citation ID (PMID) and click "Search PubMed" (see Figure 3).

The search tool has a box to search for names, titles, and IDs
Figure 3: My Bibliography search tool.

Select the citations you wish to add to your My Bibliography collection and click "Add to My Bibliography." Close the window and the newly added citations will immediately display in My Bibliography.

Add Citations from a File

Click "Add citations" and select "From a file" to use a MEDLINE or RIS formatted file to upload your article citations to your My Bibliography collection (see Figure 4).

To add citations from a file to your list, choose "From a file" under Add citations
Figure 4: Add citations from a file.

Add Citations Manually

Click "Add citations" and select "Manually" to use My Bibliography templates to create citations for publications not found in PubMed (see Figure 5).

To create citations manually, choose "Manually" under Add citations
Figure 5: Add citations manually.

Select a citation template for the publication or product to be entered manually and enter the publication or product information in the fields provided. My Bibliography has multiple templates with fields pertinent to each type of publication or product (see Figure 6).

Choose the type of citation to create
Figure 6: My Bibliography citation templates.

Viewing and Downloading Citations

My Bibliography displays citations added through any of the above methods. Citations from PubMed have hyperlinked article titles that lead to the full PubMed record (see Figure 7).

Links in citations lead to PubMed records
Figure 7: Citations found in PubMed link to the full PubMed records.

Citations stored in My Bibliography can be downloaded in MEDLINE format by checking the boxes next to the citations that you wish to include in an export file and selecting the option "Export file (MEDLINE)" in "Manage citations" (see Figure 8).

Under Manage Citations you can select Export file (MEDLINE) to download citations
Figure 8: Download citations in MEDLINE format.

Sorting and Searching Citations

In My Bibliography, citations can be sorted by author name (either in ascending or descending order), by publication date (newest to oldest or oldest to newest), or by recently updated citations (see Figure 9).

Citation sorting options
Figure 9: Citation sorting options.

Locating citations in My Bibliography can be accomplished with ease by entering article PMCID, citation PMID, article title words, author name, DOI, or journal title in the search box (see Figure 10).

Citation search box
Figure 10: Citation searching box.

Deleting Citations

Check the boxes next to the citations to delete, click "Manage citations," and select "Delete citations." Deleted citations will no longer display in your publicly available bibliography or SciENcv (see Figure 11).

In the Manage Citations menu click Delete Citations to remove the selected citations
Figure 11: Deleting citations.

Sharing My Bibliography

Citations stored in My Bibliography can be shared with others using the personal URL displayed at the top of the page (see Figure 12).

A personalized URL you can share so others can see your publication list
Figure 12: My Bibliography share URL.

The public version of My Bibliography displays all the citations currently stored in your bibliography. Citations in this public page can be sorted by recently updated, newest to oldest, oldest to newest, and author name in descending or ascending order.



This article continues with more information for eRA Commons users in My Bibliography Version 3.0 for eRA Commons Users.



By Lidia Hutcherson
National Center for Biotechnology Information

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