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National Library of Medicine Technical BulletinNational Library of Medicine Technical Bulletin

Table of Contents: 2020 MARCH–APRIL No. 433

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New Library Services Platform to Support Library Operations

Diffin J, Marill J. New Library Services Platform to Support Library Operations. NLM Tech Bull. 2020 Mar-Apr;(433):e3.

2020 March 27 [posted]

As part of the modernization of NLM's infrastructure, we will be replacing the Voyager Integrated Library System with the Library Services Platform, Alma. Voyager was implemented at NLM in 1998 for library management operations, including acquisitions, cataloging, collection management, circulation, and preservation. For enhanced integration of, and public access to, the NLM collection, NLM will also replace WebVoyage Classic (LocatorPlus) and SFX OpenURL link resolver with PrimoVE.

NLM will begin the migration to these products in March 2020 and expects the process to take 12-15 months.

The decision to modernize infrastructure, consolidate systems, and streamline workflows aligns with the National Library of Medicine (NLM) Strategic Plan 2017-2027.

By Jennifer Diffin
Technical Services Division
Jennifer Marill
Technical Services Division

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