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Table of Contents: 2020 MARCH–APRIL No. 433

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MARCXML Distribution Announcement

Boehr D. MARCXML Distribution Announcement. NLM Tech Bull. 2020 Mar-Apr;(433):e1.

2020 March 05 [posted]
2020 April 02 [Editor's note added]

[Editor's note: The base files for CatfilePlus and Serfile are now available for download in MARC/XML.]

Beginning in April 2020, the National Library of Medicine (NLM) will make its cataloging records in CatfilePlus and Serfile available for download in MARCXML format. This will be in addition to the current distribution in MARC21 and NLMXML. We hope this will encourage wider use of our bibliographic data, as MARCXML is a format widely known and used throughout the library community.

On April 1, the base files for CatfilePlus and Serfile will be available for download in MARC/XML here and monthly update files will be available beginning May 1. The naming convention for these files will follow the existing pattern, giving the name of the database and the posting date with a suffix of ".marcxml.xml," e.g. catplus.20200501.marcxml.xml.

NLM welcomes feedback on the availability of this new format. Contact us at NLM Customer Support.

By Diane Boehr
Cataloging and Metadata Management Section

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