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2010 MAY–JUNE No. 374
May 13, 2010 [posted]

MedlinePlus® E-mail Subscription Service

In February 2010, NLM® released a new e-mail subscription service that allows users to sign up for updates on MedlinePlus news, special features, and health topics in both English and Spanish. Through the new service, users can customize their e-mail updates by signing up for the specific MedlinePlus topics that matter most to them. The new service replaces the former daily and weekly MedlinePlus e-mail announcement lists and greatly expands the subscription offerings available to users.

Users can subscribe to any or all of the over 800 topics on MedlinePlus and over 770 topics on MedlinePlus en español. To subscribe, visit any topic page on MedlinePlus and enter your e-mail address into the sign-up box beneath the topic summary (see Figure 1).

You can also visit the English and Spanish e-mail updates main pages to subscribe and view the complete list of MedlinePlus subscription options.

Users receive e-mails whenever MedlinePlus adds new information to the topics for which they have signed up. Users can elect to receive updates as soon as they become available, daily or weekly. The type of information delivered in e-mails includes links to health news, press announcements, medical encyclopedia articles, multimedia content, and to authoritative health information provided by other Web sites (see Figure 2).

By using the Share button that appears in the footer of every e-mail, users can post MedlinePlus e-mail content to their favorite social networking or bookmarking Web sites, expanding the reach of MedlinePlus to new venues and audiences.

By Sarena Burgess
Reference and Web Services Section
Joanna Karpinski
Reference and Web Services Section

Burgess S, Karpinski J. MedlinePlus® E-mail Subscription Service. NLM Tech Bull. 2010 May-Jun; (374):e7.