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December 05, 2007 [posted]

Health Literacy Search Updated

t he Health Literacy Special Query, one of the searches from the NLM® Special Queries resource page, was updated to include citations to articles about drug labeling. This modification was made as comprehension of drug labels is a health literacy concern and often articles on this topic don't necessarily use "literacy" terminology.

The Medline®/PubMed and Health Literacy Information Resources page displays the PubMed search strategy and provides selected links to other sources of health literacy information. The search retrieves citations to English language journal literature. Users are encouraged to use features of PubMed to focus the search or expand it. For example, to focus the search, consider using PubMed Limits. To retrieve a pre-calculated set of citations that are closely related to a selected article, use the Related Articles feature.

For more information on the Special Queries Resource in PubMed see New Special Queries Resource in PubMed®. NLM TechBull. 2005 Mar-Apr; (343):e1. For information about NLM grants for "Understanding and Promoting Health Literacy" (new R01 version that joins the R03 and R21 versions), see //

By Marcia Zorn
Reference and Web Services

Zorn M. Health Literacy Search Updated. NLM Tech Bull. 2007 Nov-Dec; (359):e10.

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